Monday, February 13, 2012


Coco had her Valentines Dance recently.
We bought 2 dresses for the dance. I found a great deal at Dillards and paid less for 2 dresses than for 1 that she liked at Kohls. Unfortunatelly I didn't think of using reverse physcology on her until it was too late. She wore her favorite and not the one I liked better.
She is growing up so quickly.
Too quickly for this Mama!

She has her own opinions about what to wear, how to wear her hair.
She looks so beautiful all dressed up!
I pray that she always knows how beautiful she is inside and that beauty is the most important!
It seems like just a blink and I was dressing her up for Easter Sunday or just for church.
Now it is dances and birthday parties.
God help me as the next few years come and her social events become more and more often.
Oh Dear Lord I don't even want to think about when boys enter the picture.
There will be lots of prayer going up for her and her future!
I thank God for her each and everyday and I know he has the control of her future!
I will just be the chauffer and I gladly take that job!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am addicted to Pinterest projects. I have found so many things I love, want to make, feel good inspiration, etc.
My latest find comes from the blog Decor to Adore. She has a lovely blog and is creative. She took this lamp from Anthropolgie and made it herself.

I fell in love with it and told her I had to steal her idea.

Saturday my sister and I went south to Fort Smith to shop at some new flea markets. I found this lamp at a market in Alma. I even got it for $3.50! Can't beat a deal like that.

Here is the after

I bought a plain shade at Walmart. Found the felt flowers already cut at Hobby Lobby. The flowers are yellow, orange and turquoise. I used yellow thread to make a little stitch in the middle of each one. I cut the leaves free hand and bought a brownish greenish yarn for the stem.

I painted the base a aqua blue that I already had.
I love it.
Now to clean off a table to put it on