Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am learning that weight loss is not something you do with a lackadaisical attempt.


Loss this week -0- 

Gain this week -0-

Today as I pulled into Mcd's for a sausage n cheese biscuit
I actually thought in my head "will it be that bad if I go to the
beach looking like I do now?"

Apparently I don't care because I got that biscuit and I ate it with strawberry jelly.

I am not even mad at myself.

I am hopeless

I have to decide I really want this and make it happen.

Everyday that i let go by is a day closer to June and a day I can't get back.

However I did eat good the rest of the day.
Lunch- Smart Ones meal 7 points
Snack- Cheese stick 2 pts
Dinner- Egg sandwich with 1 egg 1 egg white pinch of lowfat cheese and 2 slices of turkey bacon. I think it will be about 7 pts
Snack - 1 square of chocolate

The hardest things for me is COKE fully leaded and breakfasts...

Oh and I have only walked 2 days since Sunday.......

This is depressing me so I am going to give myself a pep talk and start anew tomorrow.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


not a good day

gain of .4 lbs

this has been hard

i feel like my life is revolving around points

well it kind of is

i do well most of the day and then about 9 i have
this huge carb craving

tonight i had used all my points before dinner but
still had my 6 free foods that i could eat.

i had a can of hominy and a banana

one good thing is I have got up the past 2 mornings and walked/rode the exercise bike before work.

tomorrow is a new day and a new day to do better!!!
next week my goal is a 4lb loss.....

i saw this on my facebook today

so funny and so true

No joke! via @[198991303456908:274:Ryan Vaughan, Region 8 StormTEAM]

have a great week


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I took the leap today.
I joined Weight Watchers
I am really excited about it this time.
I am not ready to disclose my actual weight just yet
Their scales and my scales are .5 Ibs off.
Mine is actually .5 higher
anyhoo since last week
I have lost 2.5 lbs that is fully dressed with shoes
I weighed once this week and it was down
4.5 unclothed.
I am going to use the 2.5 loss since I will be weighing
in each week fully clothed with shoes
I pray I can do this or more each and every week.
My goals are to be healthy and active.
we are also going back to
Destin this summer
and that gives me a
little more incentive.
I want to feel and look good
this year. One of my goals is
to be able to paddle surf while
we are there. it looks so fun
and I don't want to sink !!!
That mental picture just made me
laugh out loud!!
I am in it to win it!!!!
Say a pray for me if you think of it!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


You have probably noticed my new widget for weightloss. I am tackling this mountain this year. For the first time really. I have been overweight for the past 10 years and each year I have gained. Growing up I was always a skinny minny. I was wearing little girls 14 size clothes my senior year and didn't hit 100 lbs until my 20's.

After Coco was born I lost all the baby weight and when she was about 2 years old I started gaining, that was mid 30's. Each year I have watched that scale creep up but didn't have any desire to do anything about it. Boy I wish I had done something that first year. Now the weight I have to lose is MOUNTAINOUS. I never would have imagined back then that I would be 100 lbs overweight.

That is the reason you never see photos of me on the blog and even my facebook has a photo of me 4 years ago still heavy but not near where I am today. I think the 40's and having a hysterectomy in 2007 have really made a difference also.

So all that to say I HATE DIETING. It is like as soon as I commit to this I am starving all the time and craving everything under the sun. Before I wouldn't worry about what to eat next, if I didn't have supper cooked I could eat a bowl of cereal and be fine.

Here is a sample of what I used to eat and now what I am trying to eat.
B- Chick fil biscuit, packet of mayo, medium coke
L- Chick fil a grilled chicken salad with fruit, ranch dressing, medium coke
S- we may have chicken/rice, green beans, glass of coke
Snacks- package of nutter butters or a couple of brownies

B- Oatmeal, 1-2 eggs, 1 slice of toast with little butter, 1/2 glass grape juice, 1 can coke
L- 2 cups salad greens, carrot, broccoli, red pepper, dried cranberries, few walnuts,  light ranch, 1 grilled chicken breast, 1 cup butternut squash, 32 oz tea
S- Baked tiliapia, Salad, steamed veggies, tea
Snacks- yogurt, ww cheese stick or ww cheese wedge w/ pita chips

I have a bad habit of always having a coke on my desk or on the counter when at home. I am trying to switch that to tea with half the sugar than we normally put in or diet sodas.

I am getting a lot more food on the diet and I think it is all in my head that I can't have certain things. Like the past few days I have caved in and eaten waffles with butter pecan syrup late in the evening. When I looked at the calories in that syrup I about croaked. It is 250 calories per 1/4 of cup. I didn't eat it often but I have really started liking pancakes and waffles this past year and this is my favorite syrup. I am going to have to just remove all the bad stuff out of the house. I did at least stop buying Coke for the house and I have been having only 1 each day.

I am trying to keep my calories under 1500 per day and eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and pauper at supper. Walking on the treadmill in the mornings will work up to 30 minutes because right now I am getting shinsplints everytime. I hope I can work up to running. I also have been riding the stationary bike for a few minutes each evening. Tomorrow when those cravings hit me i am going to jump on the treadmill or bike for a few minutes, or brush my teeth, take a bubble bath, etc.

Have you climbed this weightloss mountain before? Any tips, good recipes or workouts would be much appreciated. Someday I hope to flood my blog and facebook with photos of my healthy self!!

Would love to hear your stories or struggles. Leave me a comment!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


January 1, 2013
Day one of the next 365
A fresh start
Plenty of days to make a difference
To share, learn, grow, live in the moment
experience life.
The following photo shows what I will
be focusing on in 2013!

Spend more time in the Word
Focus on family
Commit to getting healthy and losing the weight
Drink more water
Organize and record our life
My word of the year
Lots of changes are my goal
I am confident 2013 will be