Saturday, December 31, 2011


It seems like 2011 went by in a whirl. These are a few things I want to remember about our year.

Coco has had lots of fun on her trampoline.

We finally finished our bathroom remodel in early 2011

Blizzard of 2011. Arkansas received record snow. Lots of snow days spent at home

Fun Girl Scout trips to Camp Noark

Our precious Mammie went home to be with Jesus

Celebrating a great year of Girl Scout cookie sales

Along with snow we also had record tornados and thunderstorms

Spring was filled with nights at the softball field where Coco played for the Diamond Hawks.
She moved to the Dirt Hawgs in the fall of 2011 a traveling team

Coco finished 5th grade with straight A's

Spent the 4th of July at Nana and Papa's

1st day of 6th grade. Our baby girl is growing up too fast

We went to Oklahoma to see Ms Willie. Scott's favorite teacher.

Spent a Sunday afternoon in Eureka Springs, Ar playing tourists

Mimi got her first computer. Love connecting with her on the world wide web

Scott started power lifting. He is dead lifting 540lbs and benching 350lbs

Girl Scout troop bridged to Cadettes

Spur of the moment photo shoot with Coco

Halloween dance at the middle school. Ashlyn spent the night and went with Coco to the dance

I started a new job with Wells Fargo. Spent a couple of weeks traveling for training.
I am loving the new job

Coco and I visited the Daisy BB Gun museum in Rogers, AR

We added Abbi Lane to our family. She was intended to be Coco's Christmas present but has turned out to be a family gift. We are all in LOVE with her. She has a great and fun personality. Brings us so much joy.

Coco all dressed up for her first formal dance at school

My sister and her family came to visit. Love these kids Jake, Kaylee and Ethan

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art opened on 11-11-11 in Bentonville. We went in December to see it. I can't wait to go back and Scott has no desire to ever go back.

Family Christmas photo using the timer on my camera.

Kbugg broke her elbow the first week of winter break. She had to go to Children's hospital in Little Rock the same day for surgery. She is healing well and has been a little trooper through it all. Their family is in New Orleans as I type awaiting to board a cruise ship for a 7 day vacation. I am so jealous!!!

Christmas morning 2011

The Family 2011

Looking forward to 2012 and making lots of memories!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011



The stockings are hung, LUKE 2 has been read, the cookies and milk are out!
I guess it is time to go to bed so that Santa can come!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Scott, Pam, Coco and Abbi Lane

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I could be a ornament hoarder!!! I love them and my likes are continously evolving. I didn't get all our ornaments out this year, I didn't have room on the 4 trees we put up. HA
These are a few of my favorites that I put up.

From 2001 I love this truck we got at Silver Dollar City. Makes me think of those long ago Christmases.

Love this Nativity. The candle was a gift this year. It it like a lava lamp. Not my usual taste but it is pretty to look at as it changes colors. A happy lamp I will call it.

I LOVE LOVE Santa's and this one with it's red and lime colors make me smile!

My Santa hats I made last year. I still need to make another, maybe I will get to that over the long weekend.

I got this one from work this year. The old Wells Fargo Stagecoach, so happy to have it in my collection now.

A Christmas Story ornament makes me happy too

I used several of these pillows I found on after Christmas clearance as fillers in the tree.

Noah's Ark from The Sights and Sounds Theatre in Branson from 2010.

These are just a few, we would be here all day if I were to show them all. I am sad that I don't have any ornament exchanges this year.  That was one of my favorite things at Christmas time. Maybe next year I will have more time to host one.

I am off to finally put ribbons on my packages,, they look really sad wrapped with no bows. I woke up with a killer migraine this morning and have spent most of the day in bed with my eye mask on. Grateful that I can see light and not cower like someone that has never seen light. That is the worst part of a migraine for me is the sensitivity to light and sound. Makes it impossible to function. Praying for a better day tomorrow.


Sunday, December 18, 2011


I finally put out my sled this year.

Pinterest inspiration. I had a difficult time finding plain wreaths this year.
I would like to have them smaller so that it is more of a gradual size but I love this one anyway.

Our best Christmas present of the year Abbi Lane
She is still ruling the house

I can't believe it is only 7 days til Christmas. I have managed to buy most of the presents, still have a few to get this week. Working 50 hours plus drive time leaves me very little extra time for shopping.
Couple of parties today, I love seeing friends and family but would sure like to have a lazy day at home.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This is a Christmas planner that I made after Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom and Sister.
It is made from a school pocket folder (no brads).
Sorry I didn't take photos from the beginning, but you can find lots of videos on You Tube.

We started with a black pocket folder and added scrapbooking supplies to dress it up.

These are the first 2 pockets.
Pocket 1 has calendar pages with space to make to do lists.
Pocket 2 has menu pages for all your dinners and lunches for the holiday season.

Pocket 3 has gift list pages.
Pocket 4 is for coupons and receipts.
It fits perfect in my purse. I usually carry a bigger bag so it fits nicely for me.

I have to give kudos to my sister Tammy Lou. She found the idea and brought us the folders. Some people make them out of file folders but I like this better and it was much easier.
I have really been using it too as you can see from my lists and coupons showing.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Review

Trying to get bokeh

One of my favorite ornaments

Abbi Lane the best Christmas present ever!!

December Daily
Will tell you more about this later

My Christmas Planner
More to come