Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have no words for the devastation across teh south.

All those people have been heavy on my heart today.

The pictures and stories so shocking.

Please keep all those that have been in this stormy path in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I told you in last post I was tired of the rain. I am REALLY tired of the rain now. Yesterday we had serious flooding issues in Arkansas. I didn't have my camera yesterday so this morning I grabbed it to make sure I could take some photos of the flooding. All the water had receded by this morning and we had a pretty day until about 5pm. It started clouding up and sprinkling on my way home.
I took these photos of the sky on the drive home. We are under severe t-storm warnings and some areas have tornado warnings.

Scary looking huh?

Pray for our state tonight. There were several deaths last night from tornados in central Arkansas.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


A glorious Resurrection Sunday.
The recent and continued rains put a damper on our Easter plans but we rejoiced in our Savior anyway!

I did not even get a picture of us or even Coco in her Easter dress. I might have to have her dress up for a photoshoot.

This was Coco's Easter basket this year. She is at the age that she didn't want to do the coloring of eggs or hunting. Made this Mama kind of sad.

She received clothes and a couple of tween devotional books and candy.

We celebrated with Scott's parents after church. She had the table decorated so cute.

Nana might be a spoiler! This stuffed Target bag was Coco's Easter treats. She got her lots of cake decorating supplies, candy, jewelry, jewelry box and cash! She says next year she will be better. Yea right! She only has 2 grandchildren so she goes a little overboard.

Saturday night we went to see "The Messiah" at a friends church. I love this production and for a small church they do it up big! I was happy that my Mama and sister both got to come enjoy it with us.  Our church service was good this morning. We got there late and had to sit in the very back and we sat behind a family that interacted with each other all through the service and I kept getting distracted so I feel like I missed most of it. We came home and all took a nap. Love those naps.

I do not love this rain. It has rained since Friday evening. We spent an hour in the cellar on Friday while the tornado sirens were going off. Luckily we didn't have any touch down. It has rained, thundered and lighting all weekend. The forcast shows the rain lasting thur Wednesday. I might be paddling to work tomorrow instead of driving.

Hope all had a Blessed day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our Saturday morning started out way to early and way to cold. Coco had a softball game at 8:30am and the temps were in the 30's with very strong North winds. I felt so bad for those girls but they were troopers and played through the pain of freezing hands and little noses. The Mama's didnt fair so well. Several of us gave up and watched from the comfort of our cars with the heaters running.

After the game we went to Old Navy for the grand reopening of their recent move to a new area of town. We got some cute t-shirts and a couple of cardi's on a good sale. I am not sure I like the new store. It was totally different with lots of different styles. I will have to wait and see after the new wears off.

We had lunch at my favorite restaurant Chick Fil A. I love the way they always say My Pleasure when you say thank you. It is worth the extra cost for good service. The chicken is so yummy too.

We ended the afternoon at the movies. We saw Soul Surfer, it was a wonderful movie. Bethany Hamilton's faith was and is so strong. To overcome the tragedy of losing her arm to a shark attack and still become a pro surfer is just amazing. Her parents I am sure are so proud of her and the qualities they have instilled in her. The surfing in the movie was amazing too. I have never seen anyone surf in real life and now I really want to . It was kind of like when you watch a dancing movie, you immediately want to go dance around the room. I left wanting to learn to surf. To bad we are so far from waves that the desire will be gone by the time I get near a beach!

Coco and I enjoyed a Mommy / Daughter day. We need to do this more often!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


You are probably wondering what in the world these 3 photos have to do with anything!

I do have a point to make.

Tonight we were invited to a Girl Scout Cookie Celebration Dinner.

One of things we did was play Pictionary. It was the Mom's against the Girls.

My daughter got the object answering machine as her word to draw.

She tried drawing the 8 ball toy that you ask questions and roll it and it shows an answer in a little window.

I laughed so hard because she didn't know what a actual answering machine is. Of course it is not her fault because we don't have one anymore since it comes on the telephone now. (I wish we still had the machine, it was much easier to push a button instead of dialing our number and putting in a code).

I was just shocked at what the girls knew and didn't know playing this game. Technology is a wonderful thing but so many things I enjoyed as a child are no longer used. one of my favorite memories is singing into a curling iron. My sister and I actually used this garden stake that my Daddy had made for staking tomatoes. We bent that thing like it was a real microphone and sang our hearts out.
Now they have every instrument known available for every gaming system known. There is no reason to use their imaginations anymore.
Makes me kind of sad.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend has been just wonderful. We started it out with Coco having a sleepover with 3 other girls. I laughed so hard Friday afternoon when I called home to check on them. Scott was home when they got off the school bus and he was a little antsy with all the giggling and squealing going on.

The played and played and played on the trampoline, ate pizza, watched Tangled and made paper cell phones. Only 1 of the girls actually has a cell phone. The convinced me to take them to Sonic for a Blast about 9pm. I think we had some sugar overload but Scott and I didn't hear a thing after about 11pm.


Saturday we had to be up early for softball practice and then Coco and I came home to just hang out the rest of the day. Scott and I watched the Fighter. It was a good movie just tooooooo many bad words.

Sunday morning we had a great service on Worship. A quick lunch at Taco Bueno. Walmart run to pick out  a birthday gift for our nephew Jack who turned 6 today. I didn't pick up my camera until this afternoon.

Coco tried to get me to let her play in the sprinkler yesterday and I kept telling her it was to early in the season.

Sunday I gave in. This is what she did with it.

She had a blast and never complained about being cold. It has been really windy today so I thought she would be back inside quickly but I WAS WRONG. She stayed out there for quite a long time. I had to let go of my Mommy worry and just let her be. I do remember being a kid and the water was NEVER to cold...

When I went to upload the photos I found a BUNCH of these. Someone had a fashion show recently.

Love weekends like this. Full of memories and fun.