Monday, November 29, 2010


I am so ready for this to be over! I have been spoiled during this remodel. I haven't had to do anything but some clean up each night. Scott and Papa have done it all.
We were disappointed to not be able to put our Christmas decor up on Friday. This is the first time in 11 years that we haven't ordered pizza and put the tree up.
Hoping by the weekend we can put it up though.
This is where it stands tonight. It doesn't look like much has happened but we had a full working weekend in that room.

Day 8
The vent fan was installed.
Walls prepped, taped and sanded
New sheetrock hung.

Day 9
Plumbing under the house done
Sheetrock mudded and sanded again.
Orange peel texture sprayed on

Day 10

This is the new paint color. I just love it. Can't remember the name but I will find my card and let you know. Scott calls it coffee with cream. Papa and Scott painted teh ceiling and walls today.

I had to show you the mishap! Remember when I showed you where Scott came thru the ceiling. Well it is all fixed up and you would never know it happened. The whole is the return air vent. I am looking for a new grille for it but having no luck. I might have to paint the old one.

Scott told me the tile guy might start tomorrow. That would be so wonderful. He will be doing the tile on the floors and shower area plus the bead board and trim.

I am ready for some normallcy!!!!
I haven't even had time to really get to read blogs.
The end is near!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


We are still in the throes of a bathroom remodel. One week down, one week to go.

Days 4, 5 and 6 didn't produce much.

Day 4 we did get the tub set and Scott spent a couple of hours under the house working on the pipes but he ran into some trouble so he is going back today while a friend of ours works on prettying up the drywall.

Papa decided he would hire someone to do our tile. Praise the Lord for that. Surely he is not tired of us already!!! I know we could have done the tile but I am SO grateful for all that my in-laws have done for us.

Hoping today I can get some cleaning done. There is dust EVERYWHERE!


Thursday, November 25, 2010



I am so THANKFUL for a wonderful loving husband, gorgeous daughter, great family and friends!!!!

I wish the bloggers a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you have time with your loved ones and plenty to eat.


Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes we started a bathroom remodel the week before Thanksgiving!
Well it really wasn't our choice but the tub wasn't draining and we were planning to do the remodel sometime so it just seemed best to do it all at once instead of fixing one problem just to tear it all out again later.

Our house is 50+ years old so it was TIME

Our progress in photos.

Day One
The before, see that spot in the middle of the wall above the tub? There used to be a handle with a soap dish. Coco pulled it off a couple of weeks ago and we had plastic ducked taped over the sheet rock. Another reason it needed attention.

I have despised this tile forever. Ugly peachy color all the way around the room.
Day 1
1. Total Demo
2. Purchased subflooring and bathtub

Day Two 

Scott worked hard getting it to this point. He had to scrap up the subfloor after taking everything out.

End of day 2. Too much money spent. We went and purchased everything we need and a couple of wants. I really wanted this curved shower rod. We debated on getting doors but this will be our only tub and I didn't want it to feel really closed in. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Day 2
1. Removed subfloor
2. Installed new subfloor
3. Sanded walls
4. Purchased everything else we will need

Day three

A little mishap in the hall when Scott was in the attic installing the vent fan. His foot came through the ceiling.

I get 2 new plug ins. One more in the bath and one outside in the hall. Now I will have to find some cute lamps to put in.

The room looks the same.
Day 3
1. Removed gas stove insert.
2. Installed and wired 3 plugs
3. Prepped for the vent fan (the one we bought was broken)

Scott says we might get the tub installed tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have been a bad bad blogger. Life has just been way to busy and not much in the way of fun adventures.
Last weekend I did get to go hang out with my sister and a couple of her friends.
We planned a craft night and she asked me to come teach them how make tassels.

These are 3 that we did. Laura did the Santa on the left and I did the dress form and rooster for my house. I had a great time crafting since I hadn't been doing anything crafty and fun in sooooooo long!

Tammy Lou (my sister) picked out 2 super cute ornaments to make her tassels. I love the scarecrow and the snowman.

Tammy Lou has been doing lots of decorating and redoing around her house. I took a few photos to share.

The mantle in her den is looking great.

Love this desk she found on craigslist and all the fall decor.

I loved this little vignette on the end of her bar. She has some really cute fall decor.

One wall of her scrapbook room. She and her friend Laura went in and totally reorganized it. Now we just need to make good use of it and do some scrapbooking.

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. We started on Friday night.
So far we (i use that term losely as I am blogging while Scott and Papa work)

Demo done
Completely empty room.
Old tile on walls removed
Subfloor removed
Walls sanded
Durarock subfloor put down

Maybe we'll get the new tub in tonight.

I am off to Home Depot to spend some mooola!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


We had a real low key weekend. I had to leave work early on Friday after a call from the school nurse. Coco was running a fever, tummy ache and headache. She is much better after some rest and meds.

Saturday we jus tlayed around and watched TV. We rented Karate Kid. I was so surprised at what a good movie this was. Jaden Smith did a wonderful job. I would totally recommend this movie.

We packed our Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. We have participated in this for several years and I love doing it. I love buying and packing these with a little girl or boy in mind. Coco and I both made up a box and then Scott wanted to do one for a little boy. This is a great project and you still have time to participate. You can find all the info at

Our Girl Scout troop tied fleece blankets at our last meeting for Project Linus. This is an organization that provides blankets for children at shelters, hospitals, etc. I had to finish sewing the labels on all the blankets today.

A very enjoyable weekend.
This week we have a holiday so I get Thursday off and I am taking Friday off too. I am so looking forward to a 4 day weekend and hope to get some preparation done for Christmas decorating. I think Scott might have me doing demo on our bathroom instead. We'll see no matter what I will love having a couple of days off to spend on something I want to do!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Coco has had a Poet in her school this week teaching them about creative writing. He has been such a great inspiration to her, she has came everyday with new stories about him.

Today there was to be a contest for the 5th grade. If she won she would have received $50. She was sick this morning but determined to go to school to read her poem.

One of the prompts he gave them was "The Worst Day of Your Life"

This is the poem she wrote. I will write it just as she did misspellings and all. Please remember she is only 10 years old!

The wet substance in his eyes proved he wasn't merry
 the coffin lay there in front of him like shrimp on a plate (he is allergic)

The line to see her was exravagetly long
the expression on her face was priceless
her death was tragaty for many

A loveing mother, wife, and daughter
her spirt, ghost or soul goes into the horizon
she was offisally gone
 her loved ones cryed hard

Breast cancer awareness month was in the air
but all was not good at the hospital
doctors could not save her dearing life
 it was to late she was dead

                                         The End (of her)

This was about our friend Beth that past away last October. Her husband is really allergic to shrimp. I am very proud of her. She didn't make it to the finals. Her judges were some of her classmates and I think her poem was a little to mature for them to grasp (thats what I am telling myself anyway)! I love that she has such a compassionate heart, usually putting others first and herself last! My hope is that she never loses these traits as she sees and learns more about  the world and all the ugliness in it.