Sunday, July 31, 2011


* My wonderful Husband for taking up the slack for me everyday.
* I know Fall will be here soon
* Fishermen that brought in the scrumptious crab legs I ate this week
* Birthdays 43 of them to be exact
* Dreams

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We have been thinking about getting Coco a new bedroom suite. Something more girly than what she has. Yesterday I was looking through Craigslist and found this set.

As a little girl I always wanted a french provincial set just like this one. The price was a great deal for all 4 pieces so I emailed the seller to see if it was still available.

A few hours later I checked my email. The seller responded. This is what she said " Hi Pam, it's cousin Nancy. We would love for you and (Coco) to have the set. Call me.
I got Scott and Coco to read the email and we cracked up. It really is a small world. That was so funny to me. We talked to her and we will go pick up the set tonight or tomorrow.
We are very excited to get it. It will be some work to paint it all but it will be beautiful in a creamy white with new hardware.
I will be sure to post pics of our progress.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 I like my soda's in a bottle more than in  a can.
Tonight at Walmart I went to get some Sprite zero to keep at the office. I was prepared to buy the cans because they don't have Sprite zero in the 12 oz bottles.
As we were walking down the isle, what do I spy with my little eye?

I got so excited I threw my arms up and did a little jig right there in Walmart.
Embarrased Coco terribly.

Doesn't take much to make me a happy girl.

I will enjoy my Sprite in the bottle.

Thanks Coco Cola Bottling Company

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today a sales rep took our office out to lunch to discuss a new mortgage product. We chose PF Chang's in Rogers.

This my new favorite place. I have been talking about it the rest of the day. My favorite part was the service!!! I am a customer service hound!! If you don't have good service I will boycott you. It is the first thing I notice about any business or service I use.
Anyhoo the food was AMAZING
My coworker and I shared the orange peel chicken and crispy honey shrimp. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I also got to try the lettuce wraps AGAIN delicious.
I had to get back to my office for a conference call so they brought me a chocolate dessert shot with rasberry sauce, chocolate frosting, chocolate cake and chocolate chips. OH MY I was wishing I could lick the container clean. It was so good.

Can't wait till I get to go again. Wish I would have tried it sooner.
Thanks PF Chang for a wonderful experience.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Our holiday weekend began with Coco's birthday party. The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. I didn't feel well Sat or Sunday so that was a bummer. Today I cleaned out our closet (had to since the rod broke in half early one morning last week). I got 3 tubs of smaller sizes and 3 bags for a garage sale. Tonight we had dinner with Scott's parents and the kids shot fireworks. We are early birds so we shot them all off prior to dark. Warning lots of photos to follow.

Friday, July 1, 2011


We celebrated Coco's 11th  birthday today.
She picked pink and gray for her colors.
I am loving the pom poms made from tissue paper. There are super easy to make.

I have seen these banners all over blogland so I wanted to try my hand at making her one.
I love how it turned out. It is hard to see but the 1st layer of paper is really cute with black chandeliers.

 I ordered her cake from Walmart. It was supposed to be pink and grey. As you can see it was NOT.
Coco was happy with it, she thought it looked tie dyed. As long as she was happy but it drove me crazy. If we had more than 2 hours before her guest arrived I would have done something else.

I picked up Eureka pizza on the way home to so that we could make a 6:35pm movie time. Coco, A and C having pizza before we left.

I took them to see Monte Carlo. I expected the theatre to be crowded since the movie just came out today but it was only 1/2 full. Must have been due to the holiday weekend. It was a cute movie.
Once we got home they played on the trampoline with the sprinkler. Daddy helped them shoot some fireworks off. She has had a great birthday.

Looking forward to the 3 day weekend.
Everyone be safe and have a great holiday.