Monday, August 30, 2010


We had the opportunity to help out with a Habitat for Humanity home tonight. A very deserving family are getting a new home. SO EXCITED FOR THEM!

Tonight we built the walls. We only got to be there for a little while but it felt great to be a part of something so huge for this family. I sure hope we get to go help out again.

The mother is very involved in Girl Scouting so she assures me that we will have a Girl Scout day so that our troops can come help out too.

Coco driving some nails

They blocked off part of the street so that we could make the walls.

Friends working side by side. Tammy has to put in so many hours as the homeowner but each hour that her friends work goes towards her hours.

I hope the lesson to be learned here is not lost on my Coco.

There were a group of high school students from Bentonville there helping out. They are part of the Habitat club that they started at the Bentonville High School. Isn't that the coolest thing. One of the girls was showing me how to hammer the nails. Sad but those nails were like a mile long and they kept bending on me.  Back to the Habitat Club, I sure hope that they can rub off on our high school kids! Something I would definetly support!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been busy planning my Girl Scout year. I have so many ideas and plans for our troop this year. One of the things I wanted to teach them is how to crochet. I remember my Mom teaching me when I was a girl but I wasn't sure if I could still do it. I bought a skeen (I even remember the term) of yarn and a needle at my FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD Hobby Lobby. I got it out not really sure I knew what I was doing but within a hour or so last night I was in a groove. I should have taken a photo of the first attempt. It was turning out more in a round shape and I wanted it to be straight to make a scarf. I cut off that piece and googled stiches (i can't not spell this word to save my life)! I found a site that had photos of each step from making the first slip knot to chain stitches and so on and so forth. I JUST REALLY WANTED TO SAY THAT. 
Anyways, I used the photos to make my slip knot and then it just fell into THIS!!!

This is the beginning of a scarf. It really is kind of like riding a bike once you learn how you don't really ever forget. AND THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO TEACH MY GIRL SCOUTS!
I want them to tell their children that they learned this skill from being a Girl Scout!

Coco said I am officially old now that I am sitting around crocheting!
Maybe we'll go for a walk instead!
Oh Happy Day

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Coco and I took some photos today. She suggested it so I jumped at the chance since it is rare that she wants to let me take pictures.

Once we came home I uploaded to Picnik and started playing. I love the urban look of these. She wasn't dressed up and barely combed her hair but I like these.

This one is my favorite of her ripped jeans and flip flops.

Now if I can get her to dress up and do this again. I need lots of practice learning how to use my camera with ISO and Aperture etc. I wish i could find photography classes around our area.
We had a great weekend. Now we are gettting ready for the work and school week. I plan to work some long hours this week completing a project at work so I need to go make sure the housework is done. I don't want to have to worry about that on top of working long hours.
Have a great week.

Friday, August 20, 2010


We have survived the first 2 days of school. Coco was so ready to back. Mostly just to see her friends. She has met most of her teachers so far and her favorite is her Math teacher Mr. Johnson. He told the class his life story of biking from Cali to Florida and hiking from Maine to Georgia. Sounds interesting.

The official school supply photo. You will notice that GLUE  is missing. Another moment of growing up, when your child grows out of glue. She also only gets one recess period at school and she hasn't even complained!

First morning of school. Smiles were hard to come by but lucky me I got one.

See told you smiles are not easy. She even looks all grown up :(

I made this chalkboard in a rush the night before the 1st day of school but couldn't find chalk anywhere so we used it this morning for the 2nd day of 5th grade.
She was rushing and wouldn't let me take the photo outside because there were kids already at the bus stop and she COULD NOT BE SEEN TAKING A PICTURE. OMG! SHE WOULD JUST DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT! Wearing a black poka dot scarf with purple plaid shorts and a Justin Beiber shirt is totally cool though!

Welcome to the tween world!

First day of school disaster: Coco was making microwave mac n cheese after school yesterday and forgot to put the water in the bowl. Our house still smells like burnt noodles. The Lampe Berger is supposed to remove smells in your home and it isn't even touching this. If you have any ideas please pass them my way.

Looking forward to a low key weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


A few weeks ago Coco and I stopped at a new flea market. I was actually looking for vintage Girl Scout books but I found the neatest book.

The New Book of Etiquette
I should have taken a photo of the outside. It is blue and slightly worn, very vintage.

This was written inside the cover. From 1940
Can you imagine getting a book like this today? It would probably be a good trend to bring back. I for one would love to see etiquette become popular again.

I have read a few pages regarding how to introduce someone. There were several rules depending on male/female, friends/acquaintences, etc.
Also when and how a man should tip his hat in greeting or removal for different situations.
Such a cool book and I love finding treasures like this.

Don't forget to see the previous post for a giveaway


Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry it has taken me so long. I promised this giveaway in honor of my 400th post on my birthday.

I looked and looked for something I would love to get!

This is what I found. Hope you like

Ok for the rules!

Leave a comment here telling me what your favorite gift ever that you have received! I will choose someone on Wednesday of next week.
Good luck
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I wanted to share with you a couple of the gifts I received for my birthday. I have been receiving gifts all week it seems. Last night Scott brought home a gift that his sister had left for me at his Mom's. She gave me 3 Penny Culliford books. These are called Faith, Love and Chocolate. I have never heard of this author but I think these are going to be a fun read. She also gave me my favorite body sugar scrub in Cilantro Pineapple flavor. UMMMM Love it.

My sister brought me this stamp set on Sunday. It is called All in the Family from Stampn' Up. I had mentioned a craft I had seen using this set and she went to looking for it. So glad she did and I was so surprised. Can't wait to use it on my project.

I also have a prayer request. My nephew's dirtbike racing partner Hunter had a really bad wreck last night. He broke the front and back of C4 in his neck. He is in ICU awaiting surgery hopefully tomorrow. The neurosurgeon is waiting until some of the swelling goes down around the spinal cord. He is 20 years old and has been riding since he could walk. It was just a freak accident while he was practicing. So please remember him in your prayers.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This is has been a great few days.

Coco asked Jesus into her heart on Tuesday my birthday at VBS. I am so proud of her and so happy that she has chosen to follow Christ as her Lord and Savior.

I found a workbook for her to do called "I'am a Christian Now". She has been doing her study each day along with reading her bible each day. My prayer is that she continues throughout her life loving Jesus and studying his word. As a parent I feel even more of a responsibility to guide her now. Is that weird?

We were super busy most of the week with VBS, work and life.

I have been battling sinus stuff all week too. YUCK I hate it.

Saturday I spent all day at a CPR/First Aid class. Glad that is over. I have to be certified in CPR/First Aid in order to take the Girl Scouts to a overnight trip. We also need one in the troop anyway. So I am good for 2 years!

Coco and I went school clothes shopping Saturday night. Thank goodness I only have 1 child. We sure helped the economy at Justice , Old Navy and Rue 21. I embarrased her at Rue 21 because I told the clerk that I was sad because my baby could shop at Rue 21 now. She got a jacket and a t-shirt there, everything else was too old for her. I still remember going school clothes shopping with my mom every year. That was really the only time we went on a big shopping trip for clothes. That is probably why I remember it so well.

Today we visited the church that Coco went to VBS at. It was a good service and the pastor preached a great message, but it just didn't feel like home. We are looking for a new home church and I get so sad because I miss our old church. It would take to long to list the reasons why we left ( or the plethora of other families that have left). It just makes me sad but in order for us to grow in our relationshipwith Christ we have to find a new church home. Just praying that God will guide us to where he wants us to be and where we can best serve him.

After church we went to Sam's. I could not believe the number of people there eating lunch and shopping. At least our lunch only cost us $8.00 for all 3 of us. My sister and her family came up to eat supper with us and I went through some of my Girl Scout stuff to help her get ready for her first troop this year. She is going to be the leader of her granddaughters Daisy troop. I enjoyed having them over, wish we could do it more often.

Tomorrow is back to work. Coco has a dentist appointment tomorrow to get 2 fillings. I hope this will teach her to be a better brusher. I have found her just wetting the tooth brush before. She has only had 1 other filling and she was 4 or 5 I think so she has forgotten but she is super nervous. The dentist suggested we give her a benedryl before she goes. We will try it luckily Scott is the one taking her. He can be better at not giving into her wimpiness.

Sorry I haven't had any photos but I have been lazy about taking pictures lately. I am still looking for something to giveaway. .

Have a great week!