Sunday, April 25, 2010


I failed at the week in life project last week. It is so hard to remember to take photos. So I gave up and started again on Saturday.

Saturday April 24th

This is Scott replacing our bathtub faucett. We couldn't turn off the hot water so we had to replace. The best way was to cut a hole from our bedroom wall to the back of the tub. This was easier than cutting into the tile. Now it is all fixed. It rained and was cold all day so Coco and I worked on getting closets cleaned out for the garage sale next week.

Sunday 4/25/10

We slept in and listened to the church service online. This is becoming a bad habit!
I continued to work on getting stuff cleaned out for the garage sale. I was shocked at the number of clothes I found in my closet that I forgot about and some with the tags still on.
Coco had her friend Gwendolyn over to play this afternoon and they bought ice cream from the ice cream truck. We just found out that Gwendolyn will be moving in June, this is so sad for Coco. This is the 2nd BFF that has moved away.
I made beans and cornbread for dinner. I like to make white beans better than pinto beans so that is what I made.
I plan to go to my mom's when Coco goes to school in the morning to work on setting up the garage sale.
I have my camera right with me to succeed in documenting our life this week.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have to apologize because I saved these photos from other blogs and at the time I didn't keep track of where they came from. Please forgive me, I will do better!

It seems as if my house is never just right, like I am always looking for something else. These photos represent some of the things I would like to change or add.

I love this wall of white frames. I don't have a hall like this but it could work on one of the bedroom walls.

This kitchen could work in my house. I just need to remove a bar, half wall, add can lights and wood floors. It is a beautiful space

I seriously thinking about this for our master bedroom. I have a long wall that I think would make a huge statement in our room. This would also be  very doable if I can pick up mirrors at yard sales, goodwill etc.It would also look good in several other colors besides black.

I am thinking this board and baten would be gorgeous in my dining room.

Sorry I don't have the links for these photos but Thank you for letting me borrow them for inspiration. Isn't that the best form of flattery for someone to copy you??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just what every child needs!

She was very happy with her Daddy and her new tire swing today!
Buddy looks kinda jealous!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I love scrapbook guru Ali Edwards. You can see all her glory here

I will be doing this over the next 7 days!

I have tried to do this before and failed.  I am commiting to document this week in our life. I would love to see what my Mom or Grandmother did back in 1940 or 1960 or even 1980. I hope Coco and my future grandchildren will treasure this too.

Off to take some photos and document my day!


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Where did our warm weather go?
Our day started out with Coco and I sleeping in until after 10am. Whew it felt good. She had a ball game at noon, it started raining when we left the house so I hoped all the way there that the game would be cancelled. Nope they played in the rain and I sat in the rain. By the time it was over I was frozen solid. I will have to make us a ball bag with blankets, towel, umbrella and extra socks for my MIL that wore flip flops and had to go sit in the truck because she was so cold. Coco went home with Nana and Papa after the game. I came home and was so cold that I layed down in bed to try to get warm and fell asleep.

Scott took a friends grandson on a hog hunt in Harrison today so he missed out on the fun at the ball park. When he finally got home we ran into town to eat. We looked kinda ratty in yoga pants and a t-shirt so we ate at Dave's Bar-b-que since there weren't many people there. Didn't want to see anyone I knew looking like I just got out of bed.

I love all the old stuff they decorate the restaurant with.

Coco with her pork sandwich. Scott did not want pork after his hunt today...

I had the brisket meal. Oh my it was so good, I thought at first I would have left overs for tomorrow but I finished off the entire thing.

I have watched several episodes of International House Hunters today, 2 of the shows were people looking for a 2nd home in Italy and Mexico. I have to tell you I jealous. Can you just imagine having a 2nd home in either of those spaces? The Italy house they chose was a 1 room granny flat. That is what they call the MIL quarters. My dream would be a 2nd home in Destin, Florida.
Where would you want to have a 2nd home?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Coco had her first softball game this week. It is the teams first year of girl pitch. It could be a long year!
They actually did good for the first game. They won 13 to 9.
I love the socks she got. It is cute to see the whole team in black and red.

Dusty shoes and all.

This is Coco in the red helmet coming in to home plate. She skinned her knees up so we need to practice the sliding. She also got hit in the legs and ankles by the pitcher. The way the girls have to swing their arms around to pitch makes it hard for them to control where that ball is going to go.

This will be our life until July!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Update on previous post : The paint was spray by Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze

We learned some new songs in Girl Scouts tonight. Since we will be going to camp soon I picked out a few songs for the girls to choose from.

Their favorite!

God Bless My Underwear    (tune of God Bless America)

God bless my underwear, my only pair,
Stand beside them, and guide them,
As they sit in a heap by the chair,
from the washer, to the clothes line,
to my camp pack, to my rear,
God bless my underwear, my only pair,
God bless my underwear, or I'll be bare!

I just hope I don't get any calls !!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Finally a project finished.

I bought this paint Blue Ocean awhile ago with the intentions of adding some color to our living room. Friday I painted a candle stick and a frame. I wanted something turquoise and this was as close as I could find at HB. Now I am loving it. It reminds me of the colors of Destin (my fave vacation spot).
My dream would be to have a coastal home full of colors like this.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Last night I was treated to dinner by our Girl Scout Service Unit. Well me and a bunch of other fabulous girls that give their time and heart to Girl Scouts. We ate at Johnny Carinos, I had the baked cheese tortelini. Oh it was so yummy. It was very nice of our service unit to treat us when we should be treating them. They are a group of women that all have their own troop plus volunteer to keep our little part of the state going.

I received a couple of awards for perfect attendance at the unit meetings, Leader appreciation and my 5 year pin. It is hard to believe it has already been 5 years since Coco started as a little Daisy. There were my 5 year, a 10 year and a 15 year pins given. What a great thing to be involved for 10 & 15 years.

Girl Scouting is always looking for volunteers so if you are so inclined check out your local council office. I know help would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't pay well but the memories and knowing you might be making a difference in a girls life is well worth it.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a wonderful day of celebration of our risen Savior. We didn't make it to church service (we listened online) because we were up really late with Scott's grandmother, she possibly had a stroke on Saturday and the family was called in. Sunday she was back to her normal self PTL!

We ate dinner and hunted eggs at my mothers! The food was delicious as always when you go to my Mama's! I got to see my nephews and niece which is always a treat.

Warning photo overload!

My sweet little E, he has started calling Miss Pam and it is so cute, he doesn't want to call me Aunt Pam anymore.

Me and my girl. We didn't wear our Easter dresses since we didn't go to church. :(
Coco and Mimi

Their off to hunt! The hunting was pretty easy since I put them all in the yard. I also bought coloring books and treats. They went right by them for the eggs.

K with all her eggs. She is so cute and smart too!

I suppose all that hunting makes you hungry for hardboiled eggs!

This was Mamie on Sunday, glad to see her up, talking to us and being happy! She kept saying to us that she didn't know what was wrong with her on Saturday so she remembered. She tells all the time that she is ready to go home. When Jesus is ready for her she will go home. We are glad to have her a little longer. I thanked Scott for allowing me to love his grandmother. She is just precious and I do love her very much.

After visiting with Mamie we stopped by Scott's parents so that Coco could have some Easter time with them. They didn't hide eggs but Nana hid all her gifts outside for her to find. This was a antique horse with some money that she got her. Coco loved it and was very spoiled by Nana and Papa

First thing Easter morning we had a egg hunt in our yard. Coco with all her loot. Our neighbor started doing this for her several years ago and each year it seems to get bigger. She found candy, games, jewelry and eggs full of candy.
Coco is dearly loved by all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010



Feeling tremedously grateful on this Easter morn! Grateful for what our savior endured to save us from our sins! We are so very blessed

Happy Easter

Friday, April 2, 2010


I think my want to was bigger than my DO! I didn't get very far on my to do list.
* LOOK FOR JOB- Applied for my quota for umemployment
* PICKUP TICKETS FOR NATURALS GAME FOR GIRL SCOUTS - To many events happening the same day as Naturals camp out so we aren't goin
* REFINISH THE DESK WE BOUGHT THIS WEEKEND Not enough room in garage to even start on this
* NORMAL KEEPING OF THE HOUSE- 85% for the week
* COOK DINNER EVERYNIGHT NO EATING OUT- Cooked every night except Thur when we had softball practice until after 7pm
* EXERCISE DAILY- failed miserably
* TAKE MYSELF TO SEE THE LAST SONG ON WEDNESDAY- I went on Thursday. It was a good movie, I don't like Miley Cyrus as an actress. I shouldn't have read the book first, several things were a little different which bugged me.

The reason I have been pulling nails is because we had a leak in our storage room in the garage and we pulled out all the sheetrock so now the nails have to come out. Since I did that on Wednesday I have had sinus issues and headaches, so today has been a super lazy day of not feeling the best. Next week I am not going to make a list and maybe I will get more done.
Looking forward to a weekend of celebration of Easter with family. We will go to my Moms after church on Sunday for dinner and egg hunt for the little ones. Coco is almost 10 and I think this might be the last year for hunting eggs. Isn't is always sad when you little ones grow out of something. We look so forward to the first year and then when they understand what and why we do it, then it is over. Kinda makes me blue.

Hope you all find eggs filled with love this weekend.