Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Our Christmas has not been the usual season filled with traditions and events. My stepdad had a massive heart attack on December 13th. I spent that night in the hospital with my mom. He flatlined twice and the doctors gave him 1% chance of making it through the night. He made it through and was taken to Little Rock the next day which was Friday. He was not a candidate for open heart surgery or heart transplant. On Tuesday he got a Heartmate installed and is getting better everyday.This machine is allowing him to live. It works the left side of his heart. He has only 4.8% of the heart now. He was moved to a regular room yesterday from ICU. I went down to Little Rock this past weekend and stayed with Mom. Luckily she has a hotel across the street from the hospital so she can at least go and get a good nights sleep.
Being gone over the weekend and recovering from the stress I have felt horrible. I don't know if I am coming down with something or just having some depression from everything going on. This is the first time we have not been with Mom on Christmas ever and even at my age it has been a hard day.
Scott and Coco went to his parents for Christmas Eve I was so exhausted and felt bad so I stayed in bed. Very lame and Coco was disappointed. Not my finest hour.
Christmas morning she woke us before 5am. We got up and opened gifts, she didn't like the leather jacket or the sweaters. Ugggg teens!
I made french toast for breakfast. The weather people told us all week that we were going to have a lot of snow in our area and down in Little Rock so we cancelled going down there to see Mom and Kenny. Well it hasn't even rained a drop. It did rain and sleet most of the day in Little Rock so we could have been stuck there.
We all took morning naps. Went out to see Parental Guidance at the theatre but it was sold out for that showing. Came back and watched Trouble with the Curve which I had bought Scott for Christmas. Great movie we enjoyed that.
I gave them the choice of traditional Christmas meal of Ham, Dressing, all the fixins or just snack foods all day. They both picked snack foods I think they may have been worried about me making dressing since it would have been the first time. We have had cheese dip, potato skins, spinach dip.
Here are a few photos I took this morning. I am sad that we don't have more.
Coco and Abbi in her Christmas PJ's

Abbi playing

Stockings are filled

Presents wrapped and ready

Christmas morning. Coco always wants us to go first, she brings us our gifts and we open first.

Coco opening her stocking, she had movies, cd's, makeup, bear claw back scratcher, candy, mustache sucker etc

Soft fuzzy blanket that she wanted.
Her big gift was a new IPOD but I ended up
giving it to her before Christmas since she
was with me Thanksgiving night when we
bought it.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The past week has been super busy.

52 hours worked this past week.

Saturday's schedule

 Lowes Girl Scouts worked on woodworking badge

Took my niece and nephew shopping for their Christmas. I chose to take them to lunch and let them pick out some of their presents. We came upon the grand opening of The Monkey House in Springdale. A new bouncy play place. It was free admission so we went in for about an hour and they loved that. I ended up buying them all t-shirts and the owners and staff were so very nice.

I left them with their Grandmother after I was told I was the best Aunt ever!!!

Coco and I stopped at IHOP for supper before coming home. Love breakfast for dinner.

Stopped in Hobby Lobby and found too many treasures. I bought one of my Christmas presents from Scott. It is a gorgeous chalkboard. Pictures to follow soon.

Sunday I woke up with a sinus headache and too late to make it to church service. After water, tylenol, gatorade and a nap the headache is gone.

Watched too many Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.

I did put a roast in the crockpot for dinner.

Couple loads of laundry.

Scott went out to do his Christmas shopping. Came home and hid the gifts. Such a good man, he always gets me things he knows I want or need. He doesn't just go pickup a piece of jewelry or something to put under the tree. I am a lucky woman and so very thankful that God chose him for me!!

It is now 11:17pm and I should be in bed.

It will be another busy week with lots of overtime. Trying to close as many loans as possible before the end of the year.

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I see all these posts on babies and toddlers where Mom's post about their growth. I do a scrapbook page each year for Colby so I thought I would do one here to help me remember.
I find a lot of these photos on my phone.
Most popular thing to do at her age. Lots of them include the tongue hanging out or lips puckered up.
I have no idea where this trend came from but I wish it would be over soon.

Some days she will surprise me with her spontaneity. Some days she is going to die of embarrassment because I looked at someone. Maybe I do car dance just to rile her up.

Unusual day when she wanted to do a photo shoot on our square.
She is growing up so fast

First day of 7th grade. Wow I am amazed at the changes this year has brought.
Boyfriends, drama, smarty mouth, independence, opinions, struggles, etc.
She had her first "real" boyfriend for a couple of months this year already.
That was a struggle for her Father and I as to how to handle her holding hands with a boy at football games and seeing texts and hearing I LOVE YOU'S. Which cracks me up but I remember those days when you loved everyboy that even looked at you.

With all the drama I am very proud of her and the way she has handled some of the issues that have come her way. So many changes and emotions.
We are very close and I love the nights she comes home from the ball game and wants to tell me all about what happened. She will call me after school to tell me things.
I pray that she continues to make good choices and we continue to have a close relationship so that she always comes to me with questions and concerns.
Love this girl!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"It is impossible to rightly govern the World without God & the Bible."

George Washington

Monday, October 22, 2012


I am so proud and amazed of Coco.
When I walked in and saw these notes on my weight scale I was brought to tears.
It says:
This right there
it doesn't show you
love you
it doesn't show
The amazing
person you are
it doesn't show
How increadibly
smart and creative
you are
it doesn't show
how loving and
caring and  positive
you always are
it doesn't show
how beautiful
you are
How you are the
best Mom ever!
I heart you
I have gained ALOT of weight in the past few years and I am trying to lose. I didn't meet my goal this week and I made a couple of comments this weekend about not meeting my goal this week.
I showed her a dress I want at Old Navy when I lose.
We didn't have a major conversation or anything so it surprised me when I saw these notes taped to the scale this morning.
I am so so proud of her, encouraging me and teaching me how to be a more caring person. She is just precious to me. These notes are something I will treasure forever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I haven't blogged about Abbi Lane since we got her last year.
She has brought so much joy and pain to our home. She is still not completely potty trained which is so hard...
She is known by so many different names too, Abbi, Abigail Breslin, Abstract, Abstractinator, Abbs, Abigail, puffalumps, sissie, Abinator

This photo is from November 2011
This was taken September 2012.
This is the sweetest thing. She needs a haircut and I am ashamed to take her back to her regular girl. She got pancreatitis a while ago and was really sick for while so we have gotten off track with the groomer. I think I will take her somewhere just to get her cleaned up before getting her back on schedule.
I love her little under bite.

How could anyone not love this face? It is impossible
She was Coco's Christmas present but Scott has already told Coco that we will keep her when she goes off to college and when she gets out of college we will get her a new dog because this one isn't leaving us!!
Hahahahah Yep we love her!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


I spent the day in Elkins today to watch my niece
do a little cheer.
K Bug 

She and her friends did a great job.

It was also their Homecoming.
KBug was voted by her peers as
Queen 2012
It was the cutest thing. Brought back memories of my Coco having the same honor several years ago.
Another reason we went is because they were playing our hometown today. I was a divided fan for both teams. I went to junior high in Elkins so my sister and I walked around the old school and it brought back so many memories of 7th and 8th grades. Funny how some things haven't changed a bit!
Coco has her first little beau! He was also at the game today because his little sister cheers for our school. I finally got to meet him, much to her embarrassment. You know everything is embarrassing to her now. Cracks me up!! I may just do it on purpose just to get her riled up.
Now we are watching our Razorbacks beat Kentucky!!
Our team may be coming out of their slump!!
Also playing in a driving rain in the 3rd quarter, winning 49 to 0!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Whats going on right now:
1 I am still getting over a severe case of bronchitis
2 Must be having a Lupus episode because I can't seem to get enough sleep this week.
3. Scott is in the throes of deer hunting
4. He bought a new muzzeloader and scope
5. He felt bad so he bought me a new laptop  woo hoo
6. there is a lot of craziness with a tween girl
7. especially one with a little boyfriend
8. working on getting Coco into piano lessons
9. Still working lots of hours at work
10 Still loving my job. Lots of perks that make the long hours worth it
11. Watching Survivor but not as exciting as I had hoped
12. Just finished reading Diary of Anne Frank throughly enjoyed it
13. Girl Scouts is just getting started. Excited for our year
14. Going to see Toby Mac on Friday
15. Football season, our HOGS are not doing so well but I am still a
      a fan through thick or thin.
16. Scott and Coco have been going to all our school ball games. I
      usually don't get home in time to go with them
17. Starting to feel the pressures of Holiday time.
18. Loving this cooler weather.
19. My in-laws just reserved our house in Destin for next June.
20. I have about 8 months to lose about 80 pounds. How I do not
     know but that is just 10 per month I can do it I can do it

That is what is going on in my life!!!
Feeling like I need to get a life, we haven't really done anything really fun and exciting in a while!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Sometimes I see something that just amazes me that I didn't know!!
Perfect example below

Great looking crockpot, right?
See that little white circle on the lid with the thingy sticking out?
Well that is for the meat thermometer
How did I not know that????
Did you know that?
So cool!!
Now I need a meat thermometer!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Are you watching Survivor Phillipines?

Did you recognize Blair from Facts of Life ?

Otherwise known as Lisa Whelchel?

She used to have a website but she doesn't keep it up anymore. :(

I was so excited to watch last nights episode but I had to work

until 8:30pm. I texted Scott and Coco asked them both to DVR

the show for me. Did they do this one little thing for Mom?

NO big fat NO!!

I missed it.

I tried watching on the computer tonight but couldn't stand the


I have hope that it will air again over the weekend.

If not I will set the dvr myself....

If your watching let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Thank goodness I am on the mend.
Not 100% but getting there.
Working 12 hour days this week is
probably not helping but
we have to do what we have to do.
Looking forward to our 1st
weekend of Fall.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I have had a horrible week. I got sick last Monday and by Tuesday I knew a doctors visit was in store for me. I went to the Care Express in Walmart because my doctor does late nights only on Monday and Thursday. Luckily I got right in and she said it was most likely Bronchitis but if it was pnemonia the zpac and prednisone would work for either.

I ended up missing work Wednesday thru Friday. The cough has been so bad that I can't seem to get rest for coughing and poor Scott isn't getting any rest either. I felt a little better on Saturday and went into the office to try to play catch for a few hours.

It has now been 7 days and I am still feeling horrible. Looks like another doctor visit tomorrow with my doctor and I hope he can do something.

I have a very busy week at work and I can't be out anymore or I will never get caught up.

I wish I had something fun and exciting to post about.

I am optomistic that this will end up being a good week!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7th Grader

I now have a 7th Grader. I can't believe this is where we are. It seems like just yesterday that I was walking her into Kindergarten. I start counting the years until college and they are few. I am not ready this. She could be driving in 3 years. Lord I will have to get meds because I just can not imagine being at home with her out in a vehicle driving on the road....
Oh I gotta stop I can't handle that kind of thinking.

She still doesn't like getting a picture taken unless it is her idea.

Texting her friend on my phone as fast as she can while we wait in the drop off lane to make sure they meet up first thing.

I had to snap those pictures any way I could.
She had the best day ever even if she looks totally grumpy here.

This is what she had picked out the night before. I think she ended up changing 3 times. She did iron her shorts though. Proud of that

Backpack all ready to go

This will give you a idea of where her mind is lately!!
Boys Boys Boys

My niece started 1st grade this year and her teacher mailed her students Jitter Glitter to put under their pillow the night before the 1st day to get rid of any jitters they have about starting school. She put it under pillow and told her Momma that now she was ready for bed. I sure wish I had known about Jitter Glitter. I think she is going to have a great year with a great teacher!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

50 States Bucket List

I found this blog post today. This has always been a dream of mine also.

50 States Bucket List

It is a dream/goal of mine to visit each of the 50 states Here is the list I have so far. If it's crossed out, that means I've been there done that.

What's one thing you consider a "must" in your state or a "must" that you've done in another state?
  • Alabama
    • Mobile: Visit USS Alabama
    • Dothan: Peanut Festival
  • Alaska
    • Denali: see the Aurora Borealis, visit Denali national Park & Preserve
    • Take an Alaskan cruise
    • Whale watching
    • Mendenhall Glacier
  • Arizona
    • Grand Canyon
  • Arkansas
    • Ozark: visit Wal-Mart Country- I live Walmart country   
    • Hot Springs National Park
    • Little Rock: Clinton Library
    • Murphesboro: Diamond Mine
  • California
    • San Francisco: Alcatraz
    • Hollywood/Los Angeles: see the Walk of Stars, visit Rodeo Drive
    • Carmel: This was the site of a romance novel I read once and have not forgotten 
    • Sequoia National Park
    • Misc: visit beaches up and down the cost, drive up (or down) Highway 1, Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa
  • Colorado
    • Copper Mountain:
    • Visit the Four Corners
    • Denver
    • Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs: Pikes Peak, mesa Verde, Durango, Estes Park
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
    • Wildlife Refuges
  • Florida
    • Orlando: Walt Disney World
    • Panama City Beach: swimming with the dolphins 2008 
    • Destin: Family Vacation 
  • Georgia
    • Savannah: Visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (founder of Girl Scouts)
    • Hawaii
      • Honolulu: Pearl Harbor
      • Oahu: Sacred Falls
      • Maui
      • Kauai
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
    • Chicago: eat at Giordano's, River boat architecture tour
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
    • Loretto: Makers Mark Distillery (for the hubs)
    • Bowling Green: Corvette plant
    • Lexington: Kentucky Horse Park
  • Louisiana
    • New Orleans: Garden District, French Quarter, beignets at Cafe DuMonde
  • Maine
    • Acadia National Park
  • Maryland
    • Baltimore (we are travelling here in October, so I'll keep you posted!)
  • Massachusetts
    • Boston: Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Public Garden, Union Oyster House, Little Italy
  • Michigan
    • Wyandotte/Detroit: Motor City Casino, eat at Slow's BBQ
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri \
    • Branson
    • St. Louis
    • Birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder
    • Precious Moments Museum at Christmas
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
    • Omaha: antique shopping
  • Nevada
    • Las Vegas: See the strip
  • New Hampshire
    • Pittsburg: Moose Alley, Rte. 3
  • New Jersey
    • Atlantic City
    • Hobokken- another site in a book I read as a teen
  • New Mexico
    • Cloudcroft
    • Albuquerque
    • Visit the Four Corners
  • New York
    • Brooklyn: Coney Island
    • New York City: all of your typical sites, shopping, Broadway
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
    • Cleveland: visit the rock and roll Hall of Fame and Museum
    • Sandusky: Cedar Point
  • Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma City: visit the OKC Memorial
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
    • Pittsburgh: eat at Primanti Brothers
    • Chambersburg: eat peaches
  • Rhode Island
    • Provincetown: Dip your toe in the most northeastern part of the US coastline
  • South Carolina
    • Myrtle Beach
  • South Dakota
    • Keystone: mount Rushmore
    • Black Hills: Crazy Horse Memorial
    • Sturgis: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  • Tennessee
    • Memphis: Graceland
    • Nashville : Opryland
    • Dollywood
    • Smokey Mountains
  • Texas
    • San Antonio: River Walk
    • Fort Worth: Stockyards
    • Six Flags
    • IKEA
  • Utah
    • Visit the Four Corners
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
    • Williamsburg
  • Washington
    • Seattle
  • Washington DC
    • Smithsonian Institution
    • Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • All the sites
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
    • Milwaukee: Home of Happy Days (for me anyway)
  • Wyoming
    • Yellowstone National Park

  • This has really brought about a desire to travel. We haven't taken a vacation this year and I am thinking we need a road trip to see the fall foliage and visit a few of the close states.

    Where have you been or want to go?

    Edited: Scott has been to : Arizona, Arkansas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky.

    Happy Traveling!!!

    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    GO HOGS!!!

    Here in Arkansas we love our Hogs!
    This weekend my sister and I painted a Razorback on burlap for our front door.
    This will hang on my front door during the football season or at least until we get into Fall and I make a new Fall wreath.

    I have spotted these selling for $45 around the craft fairs.
    I have no idea what it cost me but it was much less than that.

    Photo 1 - Luckily my MIL had drawn a stencil for the outline of the Hog.
    First thing we did = cut out burlap big enough for some over lap.
    2nd = brushed both pieces (cut front and back) with starch.
    3rd = trace the hog onto the burlap
    4th = paint the red. I mixed a couple different red acrylic paints that I already had.

    I had printed out several images from the web to look at while we painted.
    We also had one that my MIL had made to look at.

    Last part = hot glue both sides together leaving a opening to stuff plastic walmart/dollar general bags into it to fluff it up. once you have it as full as you want hot glue the opening closed.

    I took wire and pushed it through from the back side and then wrapped some of it around a pencil to keep it from coming back through the burlap when you hang it up on the door.

    I added several different ribbons and tulle to the wire hanger to dress it up.

    This was my first attempt. I call it Little Hog and i have it hanging in my office at work.

    I plan to make some smaller ones to give out at Christmas as ornaments.

    Scott has already requested I make a few of the door hangers for friends of ours for Christmas too.

    I am glad I have gotten back my crafting bug!!!

    I have a chair make over I will show later in the week. It turned out so cute and was super simple to do.

    Later Gator!!!

    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    Room for more

    I have noticed these boards all over blogs and Pinterest.
    I took a day of vacation this week for some R&R this is what I call relaxation.

    I bought a large bulletin board, linen type fabric, batting, and knobs at Hobby Lobby. I cut the batting to fit inside the frame and used some fabric glue to hold it down. I then covered it with the linen and stapled to the backside. I placed upholstery tacks every 2 inches around the board. I couldn't use the drill to make holes because it kept pulling the fabric, so I used a large nail to make the pilot hole and then pushed and turned the screws on the knobs then tighten with nuts on the back side. The fleur and love hangers I used screws and nuts that fit the holes. Scott will have to cutoff the longer ones that stick out on the back so that it will hang flush against the wall.

    I love it and now I can see all my chunky necklaces and actually wear them more often.

    My next project a Burlap Razorback.
    I will post if it works out.

    Are you dying in this heat?
    I am soooooo ready for fall and cooler weather!!

    Later Gator

    Saturday, July 7, 2012


    Pink Lemonade Naturally and Artificially Flavored Cake Mix
    Have you tried this new cake mix?

    This makes the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.

    There is a problem!

    It is only sold at Target in my area.

    I have looked everywhere and then I got on the
    Pillsbury site locater.

    Only Target.

    The sad thing is Target NEVER has what I need.

    Coco and I went last Sunday to get another
    Guess what?

    They were out.
    I could do a few posts on the times I have been
    disappointed when looking for something
    at Target!

    Anywhooo if you can find this mix at your local
    Target I highly recommend it.

    Get the Pink Lemonade frosting too
    and throw on some sprinkle frost.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012


    Do you drink coffee?

    I didn't until about 5 days ago.

    Scott and I had been talking about how we didn't like coffee when most "grown ups" like it. You know when everyone is having coffee and you ask for tea or coke or something. I sorta didn't feel grown up not partaking in such a widely popular drink. Scott just wanted something to help him wake up in the mornings before work and something about his strongman workouts or something or other.

    Friday at work I walked by the coffee machine and saw there was still some left and the hazelnut creamer sitting there and it just lured me in. Like a drug.
    I was making myself a cup when my coworker walks by just as I am pouring in the creamer. Did I mention it is Hazelnut creamer? She says "whoa what are you doing" I said "making myself a cup of coffee". She laughed and said I think it is more like a cup of creamer with a little coffee.
    I didn't give a care, that stuff was the creamiest stuff ever.

    I thought about it several times over the next 24 hours. Like a light bulb I had the brightest idea. Fathers day is Sunday. So I start looking online at prices of Keurig makers. Belk has a sale....
    Woo Hoo how fast can I get there. So I get there a pick out this Mini Keurig that is red so it will match my kitchen, super score. Oh yea this is a gift for Scott. I scour the shelves for the perfect box of little cups for the maker. Since it is for Scott and he likes French Vanilla Cappawhatever I am thinking of him again.
    I get to the counter and ask for every coupon and discount they can use. Belk is great at giving you discounts or coupons if they have them. Finally all said and done I walk out of there with a Keurig for less than $70 bucks.

    I think I got sidetracked here. My point of this post is CAN YOU GET ADDICTED TO COFFEE AFTER 1 CUP?

    Seriously I made a cup for the drive to work and then kinda had a desire for it several times today. Got home at 6:30 tonight and made myself another cup.

    It's crazy! What do they put in this stuff?

    Maybe that is why my Mom and Sister drink it all day long!!

    I may just need a 12 step program!

    In my mind I am justifying it with even with the creamer it is still a lot less calories than Coke.

    That's my story and I am sticking to it!!!

    Sunday, June 17, 2012

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day
    To the best Daddy in the world. I am so grateful to be doing life with Scott. He is our Strong Man in every sense of the word.

    I am also a thankful for a wonderful Father-in-law that has always treated me like a daughter. He raised an amazing boy and is always a phone call away for anything we need. Just like spending today at my house helping Scott with our 2nd bath remodel.

    Missing my Daddy on this day too. He is celebrating today with our Heavenly Father!

    Happy Fathers Day to all the great Daddy's and Single Mommies doing it all!

    Saturday, March 24, 2012


    I have had this shadowbox frame for a few months just waiting for me to put Coco's Softball or Cheer stuff in it for safekeeping. I chose the Softball because she is still playing ball but Cheer only lasted a couple of years.
    I took the photos with my phone so it is kinda blurry!

    A closer look


    Coco and I found this on a shopping trip this week. So funny and it didn't take long before i had to get into it. My boss bought La Huerto for lunch on Friday and we were all craving chocolate afterwards. We passed this around the office and I still have half a bar left.

    The tree in front of our office is so pretty

    It rained here literally all 5 days this week. One night coming back from the UPS box I noticed a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I got so excited I texted it to everyone I know. ha

    Here is the other side ! So cool 

    Later that same night driving home at 8pm the sky was very strange and scary looking. It seemed like a huge black cloud was hanging over our town.

    I am so happy to be feeling well. I spent today cleaning, dusting, purging and organizing.
    Love to have a clean house. Now I need to get our bed made with all new clean bedding.
    One of my favorite things is fresh clean bedding!!
    Makes me very happy!!

    Monday, March 19, 2012


    I have been sick for about a week now. I went to my family physician on Thursday and he really thought I was having a severe allergy attack but he gave me a script for a antibiotic just in case it turned into a secondary infection.

    By Saturday I was feeling worse so I had the script filled and started the antibiotic Saturday evening. I was extremely sick to my tummy, you know just feeling horrible. My back started hurting throughout Saturday and Sunday. It feels like a elephant is sitting on my chest.

    I got up this morning and went into work because I had loan closing at 8am that I needed to make sure happened. I called and scheduled another followup appointment with my doctor for 10:30am. Well I just couldn't seem to catch my breath all morning. On the way to the doctor it seemed to get worse and I got a little scared that I might be having a heart attack, so I went to the ER instead. I had EKG, chest xrays, blood work, etc. I thought it might also be pnemonia the way my back and chest hurt.
    Come to find out I have a severe bronchial infection.

    The point of my post is this. My husband has a lawn business and one of his long time customers he had to cancel today to come to the hospital to be with me. This man is a wonderful Godly man. I had never met him but had heard many stories of the talks he and Scott have. He has blessed us many times since Scott has been doing his lawn.
    Anyway we were in the little ER room and there came a knock on the door. It was Mr. Ness, Scott's customer. He had to be next door for rehab appointment so he came over to the ER first. He was the sweetest man. He came to pray with us. So we 3 held hands and he prayed over me and for us and the doctors.

    I was so touched by someone I had never met to make a special trip to check on me and want to pray with us. He even spoke of Coco in his prayers. I don't even have the words to describe how that made me feel. We don't even go to church with him.

    GOD is so good. I am so happy that Scott has so many customers that think highly of him and are God loving people. In the past I have been frustrated when these jobs took to much time blah blah blah, but as I meet more of his customers I can see why he takes the time to stay and visit or do extra without getting paid.

    I am home now and have doped up on my medications. My eyes are gettin heavy!!

    Feeling very blessed in the midst of my nasty illness!!!

    Monday, March 12, 2012


    How about a post in bullet points!

    -I have nothing to blog about in the past few weeks. I barely remember the past few weeks. All I have done for the past 4 months is work work work!! So grateful to have a job that keeps me very busy.

    -I have discovered Kidd Craduck in the mornings. Love the banter with the group on the way to work.

    -Scott is still power lifting and his arms and chest are super muscley.

    -Coco is fast becoming a tweenager with lots of drama, emotion and chaos

    -Abbi Lane is keeping us laughing

    -This week marks the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. Today March 12th is the birthday of the first Girl Scouts in America. We just spent the weekend in Little Rock, AR at the Clinton Presidential Library celebrating the birthday.

    The Girl Scout exhibit at the Library

    Replica of the oval office as it was set up in the White House during the Clinton Administration.

    We took a trolley to the famous Peabody Hotel to see the Duck March.

    The ducks march into the hotel fountain at 11am and march back out at 5pm each day. The Girl Scouts were honorary Duck Masters. It was the sweetest thing to see them strut there stuff on the red carpet. Our girls got to be lined on the red carpet to keep the ducks from cutting the corners. We got a sweet certificate that the girls will always have and remember.

    Our trolley shut down at 5:45 so we had to walk back to the Library. The girls found this hill and posed for us. Looking at this photo I can't help but remember these girls as Daisy Girl Scouts and think about how much they have grown and are growing into young women.

    We had lots of drama over the weekend with them so I was ready to get home. I realized how out of shape I really am. Walking so much I have aches all over. I have to find the time to exercise more.
    I am also very glad I took today off on PTO to just have a day to myself before hitting the grind again on Tuesday.

    In honor of Girl Scouts this week Do a Good Turn Daily this week!!

    On my honor
    I will try
    to serve God and my Country
    To help people at all times
    and be a Sister to every Girl Scout

    Sunday, March 4, 2012


    We have had a very low key weekend. I have had a Lupus flare up or I really do have the flu. I just know I have felt horrible for a few days now. I did get out some today to be with Coco at the Girl Scout cookie booth at Lowes. We also gave away some hard earned moola at Academy Sports. She needed shoes, shorts, shirts, socks and softball pants. She should be setup for the season. Oh yea helmet and some contraption to help take the ping out of the bat when she hits a ball and all I got was a pair of shorts.

    I told her I don't know how parents with 2 or 3 kids do it. She said if I had siblings I would know that I couldn't have everything I wanted. Not that she really gets everything she wants but I think she would much rather have a sibling or 2. Sorry baby girl it just wasn't in God's plans for us.

    On to the title of this post.
    Our entertainment recently has been watching 2 new shows on CMT

    Bayou Billionaires

    This is the most hilarious show I have ever seen. They had drillers come in on their land so they are getting royalty checks off the natural gas or whatever. They call the money mailbox money. Because it just shows up in the mailbox and they don't have to do anything. I laugh so hard when I watch this. It is on on Saturday nights.

    My Redneck Vacation

    This one is a family from Louisana that is vacationing in the Hamptons. It is not as funny as the Bayou. They seem to all be alcoholics but they do some of the dumbest stuff that you have to laugh.

    That has been my "lately" still working alot and loving my new job. I suppose it really isn't new anymore. All is going well.