Monday, January 24, 2011


I just got off the phone with the sweetest lady. Her name is Willie and she tutored(sp?) Scott when he was in school and they have always kept in touch.
She is now in her 80's living in Tulsa. She is such a neat lady. She went back to college at 40 to get her teaching degree and then taught for the next 20+ years. She hosted a wedding shower for us and was there at Coco's birth, bringing us meals. I just love her.

We hadn't talked to her in awhile so she got worried when she couldn't reach us so she called Scott's parents to check on us this weekend. She and Scott have played phone tag the past couple of days. She called tonight and told me she was worried that we had been raptured and she was left behind. So FUNNY!

She volunteers alot and she is now volunteering at a Assisted Living Home on Mondays  answering the phone. Can you imagine? She had just come from taking her recycling out. She's totally up to date with this Going Green stuff. She stays up until one or two in the morning and then sleeps until 10 or 11. I told her she is like a teenager. She told me she prays for us. She prays A to Z when she goes to bed. Whoever she can think of with each initial she prays for. I told that is why she is staying up so late... LOL

Her call just made my day. Shame on us for not calling her more often!

Feeling very blessed to have her in our lives!

Wish she was still living in our area so we could be with her often. She is a very special lady!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Another Saturday at the gym watching Coco play basketball.

A special guest this week. My nephew E got to come watch her play. He asked her at lunch why she didn't get that ball in the goal? Innocence is wonderful.

Our girls will FIGHT for it!

Her own little cheering section. Aunt Tammy, Uncle Michael, Mimi, Nana, Papa, Cousins Jake, Kaylee and E.

Saturday night we were with family celebrating 3 birthdays for my Aunt and 2 uncles. These are my Mothers brothers and sisters. Sadly we have lost 2 of her brothers in recent years. I don't see them often so it was good to see everyone. I got a couple of OMG's when I walked in. Maybe I should come around more often.

My first attempt at making a magazine bowl. The inside looks much better than the outside. I have been working on my Girl Scout calendar for the rest of the year and we will be doing a lot of things regarding recycling and reuseing. I have found some great crafts that we will be trying in our meetings. Lots of fun coming up!

Another great weekend has past.
I wish you all a great week ahead.
Be back soon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I just got this beauty delivered.

It is a bowl made from a roll of tickets. I fell in love with it when I saw it on a friends facebook page.
Just so fun and unique!
Had to share!

Recently Coco and I were discussing an old friend of mine.
Me: I told her the girl was a little "dingy" as in a funny goofy girl.
Coco: What is "dingy"
Me: Funny goofy
Coco: It is also a small row boat!

She said it so calmly and with such finality that I just looked at her and said "Well yes it is my dear, yes it is!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have had a wonderful weekend and hate to see it end. We were pretty busy all weekend but it was nice.
When I got home on Friday Scott and Coco wanted to go into town to eat. We thought we were getting a headstart on the crowds but we were wrong. Scott wanted a steak but everywhere we went the wait was like 45 minutes so we ended up at Napolis. This was our first time there and it was very good. For you locals it tasted a lot like tontitown spaghetti/pasta. Very good.

Our Saturdays have been spent here

Basketball games. This week we played Westfork and beat them 14-9. Our first win of the season. They might not be winning every game but they are learning and playing hard. Love to watch my girl! 

After the game I had a Girl Scout planning meeting but I had to go here first.

My car was so nasty from the recent snow. I couldn't tell you the last time I went thru the carwash but it had been awhile. I had this planned all week because it was so warm on Saturday. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I washed my car in the winter and the next day I couldn't get in because the doors were frozen shut.

Sunday has been great. We went to church and listened to a great sermon. We got out early today so we did beat the crowds and Scott got to have his steak. Coco and I shared some cheese fries and then we weren't hungry for our meal. (imagine Scott frowning at us). We brought it home and ate it for dinner.
I took a quick nap when we got home.
Coco had basketball pictures at 3pm and then she and Scott went out to sell Girl Scout cookies in the neighborhood.

A great weekend!
Wishing I had tomorrow off for MLK day, but my bank doesn't give all those federal holidays.:(
Glad to have a job though!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We went from this to

To this

Our bathroom remodel is finally finished.
I still have to get some decor items for the walls and I am not overly happy with the towels that I bought. Need a few more trips to TJ Maxx!
I love it and now want to redo every room in the house.
We are going to start on the other bathroom soon. At least it will only be bead board (we have enough left over), paint, vanity and mirror.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I am addicted!!!


Had to watch our Hogs play in the Sugar bowl!

Favorite NFL team Kansas City Chiefs

Currently watching the Tostito Bowl

Auburn Tigers vs Oregon Ducks


I love watching football!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


That is the number of books I read in 2010. It was probably more like 71-72 I know that I read a couple that I forgot to add to the list. I didn't set out to read a certain number of books but I sort of had 100 in my head.
I have already started on my list for 2011.

It should be easy peesy to keep up with my list on my new NOOK!
I am loving this thing. I knew that I would and my night stand will thank me. No more books stacked up in the way. No more having to remember to bring a book with me in the car. No more runs to the library or runs to the library because my books are overdue. I am saving trees!
I do kind of miss holding a book in my hands and turning the pages. It took a little bit to get used to holding it to read.
So glad I got it even if I had to buy it for myself!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Coco is very thankful for her Daddy for working out in the freezing cold to put up her Trampoline today. She couldn't wait to get on it.

Wonder if I can still do that?
Better not try.
Last time I tried to show off and do a cartwheel, I was sore for a week.

Having fun on our 1st day of 2011