Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review Part 2

2015 continued


Coco joined Gamma Sigma Gamma a Girl Scout sorority

We celebrated these 2 birthdays this month. Dallas (nephew) on the 18th and Mom on the 23rd.

We went to a Razorback football game

I treated my team to pedicures and dinner


Attended a wedding for this cute couple

 Coco and Schelby served cake at the wedding. We should have practiced cake cutting prior to the event :)

These girls hosted a warm drive to collect gloves, scarves and socks at their school

This girl started running Cross Country this year

Homecoming 2015 photo shoot
She chose to go with her friends this year and turned down the boys.

Her friend couldn't go until later after dark so we stopped a laundromat in town and did a Urban Photo Shoot

Scott and I celebrated 16 years of marital bliss on the 23rd

Celebrated my great nephew's birthday on the 27th and Scott's on the 26th


She qualified for the State finals in Hot Springs

Celebrated my Mother in Law's 70th birthday on the 11th

Held our annual Hanging of the Greens on Friday after Thanksgiving.

Took these 2 cuties to dinner


Christmas morning in her jammies

1st annual Dirty Santa Christmas at Mom's on Christmas day. We had so much fun and everyone was so creative. We came home with the Arkansas Wind Thangy wind chime

 We also played Pie Face and it was a big hit

Coco and Mimi (my Mother) on Christmas Day

Peace out 2015 Look out 2016 here we come!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 in Review Part 1

When I thought about doing this post, I couldn't remember having a very eventful year, but when I started looking back at pictures. We had a very full and eventful 2015.

We gave Coco a Purity ring and she took a vow to stay pure until God brings her a husband someday.

Our Girl Scout Troop attended a self defense course.


Coco and her bestie were baptized in our church.

Very happy and proud Momma moment!

We had some snow and took the girls to the park to play

She made the high school Softball team.


We went to Pennsylvania and New York with my sister and great niece. It was their first time to fly. They were both great little travelers. Even with the hiccups we had with cancelled and missed flights due to weather.

I loved NYC and can't wait to go back and spend more time exploring. They others hated it and have no desire to go back.... I know they are crazy!

Pennsylvania - we went for a trade show in Lancaster. We flew into Harrisburg and spent a couple of days touring the Amish country. We also went to Easton PA to the Crayola factory.

School's Out for the Summer

We have a Sophomore in the house! I hosted the last day of school breakfast.

They were excited!


Scott and Coco went to New Mexico and Colorado with Scott's parents for 8 days. I can't find any of those pictures :(. Last year they took Colby on the same trip but the first night they stopped in Tucumcari NM the hotel caught on fire in the middle of the night. It was chaos trying to get their stuff back and get the car out so they came back home. This year was much better

 Coco had a Shabby Chic party for her 15th birthday.

Her Daddy let her go on her first car "date". They got to go to a car show in town for 1 hour.
She lead worship during VBS week. This was her doing the motions on Sunday service.


She got her drivers permit

                                                   We practiced in empty parking lots.


Girl Scout troop went Kayaking

We held our 2nd annual back to school breakfast for Coco and her friends. Love this group of girls.

When one of the girls gets her heartbroken we have an ice cream party. We don't need no stinky boys!!

My sister turned the big "50" and I along with her sons hosted a surprise party for her. She was totally surprised and lots of family and friends.

For years we have said when she turned 50 we would get a tattoo. That very night after the party we went to the tattoo parlor and got these.

Sisters with intertwined hearts. The longest 7 minutes of pain I have ever felt!

Part 2 to come!!

Monday, December 14, 2015