Monday, June 30, 2008


Time has flown by. 8 years ago at 9:13pm God blessed us with a baby girl. Weighing 4lbs 4oz, 17.75 inches long. She wasn't due until July 27th (my birthday) but God had other plans. I had a emergency c-section at 9:13 on a Friday night. It was a very scary time.

We laugh now but I was so scared. I had went in to the hospital that afternoon with heavy bleeding and by 8pm my doctor said he had to get her out or we would both be in danger. They were trying to give me the spinal and I was praying to Jesus, out loud, over and over , I think it was distracting for the doctor b/c it took him 4 tries to get it in.

Then it was the weirdest feeling. The numbness started on my right foot and traveled up my body and down my left leg. Weird !

She was such a trooper even though she was early and so small. She only had 1 minute of oxygen. Her doctor called her a champ. I remember thinking she was like a little bird. So small. Scott went down to the gift shop and bought me a snow globe with a little bird in it. Coco now collects snow globes.

Can't imagine what the next 8 years will be like but I look forward to watching her continue to grow up and become a young lady. Just think in 8 years we will be buying a car for her 16th birthday. Whew. I won't think about that just now.

Coco, Daddy and I love you more than the sky. We are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents.

This is precious on Saturday at Nana's for her birthday dinner. Isn't she cute in her little tutu. I made that for her.
This is a Mimi's on Sunday with cousins Jake and Kaylee.

Opening her gifts at Mimi's.
With Mom and Dad on Saturday.

I bought sidewalk chalk and bubbles for all the kids. Kaylee and Ethan decided to use the bubble wands as swords and Ethan got hit in the eye.
This is him holding a ice pack on his eye. Sweetest boy I know! He is so loving and just precious.

Scott brought Coco into our Sunday School class so that my kids could sing Happy Birthday to her. She was attacked with lots of hugs.

After work today we took her to Chuck E Cheese. This is her favorite game to play. She had lots of fun and so did we. I think we will have to go back so that Dad and I can play more too!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday



Yes I have strep!
YUCK! I went to the doctor yesterday and got a shot, so I am contagious until it has been 24 hours!

I do feel better today.
But I am missing my Coco. She has been at Nana's since Wednesday night. I am ready for her to come home. Scott will go and get her this afternoon.

I have all the bedding in the wash and have sprayed Lysol on everything. Trying to make sure she doesn't get sick.
I am tired of getting every little bug that flies by.
What do you do to stay healthy?
Take a daily vitamin?
Colon cleanse?
Exercise ?
Eat right?
I would love to hear what you do.
On a happier note. Coco has a birthday on the 30th!

We have parties on Saturday and Sunday with the families. All her gifts are wrapped and ready.
Nana always cooks for us and lets the birthday person pick the menu. Coco chose to have Chili, fudge ( she told nana that it needs to taste like mimi's but she will try Nana's ) and Cherry Chocolate Dr.Pepper. Doesn't that all sound yummy!:(
Mimi was smart, she didn't ask her what she wanted. So we are having Pizza Spaghetti Casserole, salad with cupcakes and a cookie cake.
Lots of fun to be had by all. I can't believe she is going to be 8 years old. These have been the best 8 years of our lives. Watching her grow up from the 4lb 4oz newborn to the 62lbs she is now.

Age 6 - Aug 2006 at Celebration City

7th Birthday Party June 2007

7 1/2 - Jan 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS Week

I have been at VBS every night this week, until tonight. It has been fun but tiring. I am not teaching this year and I wish I was. I signed up for the office part of it and have been running my tail off. Keeping track of who is there and where they are and where they are supposed to be! Whew! I have been leaving at 7:30am and getting home at 9pm.

I had to go get Scott from work this morning b/c he was feeling horrible. Turns out that he has Strep. He is carpooling so he kept my car until after he went to the doctor and then I took him to his truck and tried not to touch my face until I got back to work and washed my hands.

Well, by 3pm I was starting to feel the tightening and burning in my throat. YUCK! I called the girl I was working VBS with and left a message that I wouldn't be there tonight.

Coco didn't want to go to VBS and I didn't have the energy to argue with her, so Nana to the rescue. We called and Nana came right over to get her and even brought some potato soup! After she left I took a nap and still not feeling great. We'll see how I feel in the morning. I really hope it is just allergy irritation and not Strep.

I really hope Coco doesn't get it.

On a more positive note. Go check out Kellys Korner and Jenna's Journey. They have some awesome news. So happy for them!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday began with the Taylor Swift concert. She is a very talented young girl. I didn't realize she had written all the songs on her first album. One she wrote when she was 12 years old. WOW.

We were a little disappointed with the timing of the concert. It was supposed to start at 7:30 and the opening band Love and Theft came on at 8:20 and Taylor didn't come on until 9pm or so. The kids got kinda bored waiting.

We did get to do alot of people watching. I really need to get out of my small town more. I was shocked at how some of the young girls were dressed. Some of the outfits were so short and showed way to much skin.

I know I am a big girl but some of the really large women wore strapless shirts and dresses. I mean come on we don't want to see all that!!!!

All in all we did enjoy ourselves. Coco says it wasn't what she expected and she isn't in a hurry to see another concert. :(

I took Coco up as close to the stage to get these close-ups of Taylor.

Her eyes look a little weird.

Singing along to "Our Song". She was a little shy about letting go and having fun. I embarrassed her by yelling and enjoying myself. :)

Me and Coco standing in line for a mile before getting into the center for the concert.
My sis Tammy Lou and her son Jake. Thanks for going with us !!!

Saturday: Tammy and her family came up to our house to hang out. Tammy and I went to the mall to get my haircut and then toured some of the homes on the Parade of Homes.
We only made it to a few in Benton County. I was a little disappointed because most of them were staged for the tour instead of people actually living in them. I love the Christmas tour where they are homes that are lived in and decorated. Great way to get ideas.
While we did that, Michael and Scott kept the kids at my house. They played and went swimming all afternoon. Coco loved having her cousins here to play. I have to get the vacuum out to get all the grass collected as they ran in and out. A little grass is worth all the fun had by all of us!
We got supper at McD's and Subway before they went home. Great time. We have to do this more often.
Sunday: We had church this morning. My kids were in rare form today. I am surprised I have a voice after trying to talk over them all morning.

Scott and I have asked our director to find someone to teach our class. We feel it is time to go to a sunday school class for us to be fed. I will miss those little boogers. They have taught me alot!
After church and lunch, I took a 2 hour nap while Scott and Coco washed and cleaned the car and truck. I don't deserve such a terrific man!
We did a little swimming and now Scott is gone to get burgers to grill.
A great weekend! What did ya'll do???

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have a confession to make.

Scott and I went to the movies last night b/c Coco was at Mimi's. We decided to see what all the fuss was about on "S and the City". Oh my it was awful. I have been married to Scott for almost 9 years and I was so embarrased.

I thought to myself we should leave but I wanted to see if Big and Carrie got married in the end. So we stayed until the end.

I know, shame on me. I am ashamed. I actually fibbed to Coco when she asked if we did anything in her absence (she really used those words). I just said we didn't do anything exciting. I just don't want to tell her the name of that movie.

Lesson learned!!!!

We did enjoy being together just us with no interruptions in our conversations. Need to do more date nights.

Coco and I are going to see Taylor Swift tomorrow night with my sister and nephew. I haven't been to a concert in years. This should be fun.

I like her music and I feel comfortable with Coco listening to it for now. I hope she doesn't come out with any like Carrie Underwoods newest.

I wish there were a christian version of Hannah Montana. I found her a cd by "Pure NRG" which is kids and she likes it but not like she likes Hannah and Taylor.

As she gets older I think she will catch on to all the good christian bands out there. Since that is all we listen to in the car. That is my hopes anyway.

She started liking Taylor Swift from the school bus. He plays country music on the rides home in the afternoon.

Other than that we have a quiet weekend planned. What are ya'll doing for the weekend?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally the recipe

I made the pizza spaghetti casserole again tonight. Coco is requesting it daily!!!

1 box spaghetti (cooked and drained well)
1 large jar of Rago or other sauce
1lb of mild pork sausage or italian saugage (browned and drained on paper towels)
1 small pkg Pepperoni
1 pkg shredded cheese (pizza style)
1 jar grated parasean cheese

Cook spaghetti and drain
Brown sausage and drain on paper towels
Grease 13x9 pan
Place spaghetti in pan
Spread sausage over spaghetti
Pour sauce over sausage
Cover with the pizza cheese
Place pepperoni on top ( i cover it completely)
sprinkle lots of parmesean on top

Cover with foil (spray bottom of foil so that it doesn't stick to the cheese) and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Uncover and continue baking for 10 minutes.


My cousin Stacy called last week to tell me she had some funny photos to send of the girls. She heard Raegan laughing and went to see what was so funny.

Well, Rylie got happy with the powder! Bless her little heart, she thought it was fun!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Watch This.

This is powerful.

Wondering what I would put on mine.....

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to the greatest daddy I know!

Scott is a wonderful father to Colby. I couldn't ask for more!

They are off to papa's with his presents and to use the metal detector we got for Scott.

He loved it.

They are going to the 13 acres to look for a jar of money my FIL buried when he was about 6. His brothers and sisters told him to bury it and a money tree would grow. Isn't that precious.
Wouldn't it be awesome if they found it. It would be somewhere around 60 years old.

Coco and I made papa a Top Pop Award and got him poptarts, popcorn and a ring pop. We got him some movies too but I bet he loves the award most of all.

I am off to clean out the kitchen. It has gotten very cluttered!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Lazy

I have been really lazy today.

Scott left early to catch up his lawns. The rains have put a damper on his little business.

Coco left this afternoon for a sleepover.

I took a 2 hour nap and when I got up I didn't have the get up and go to do anything.

Scott didn't make it home in time for us to go to the wedding.

I have been surfing the blogs for the last hour and now just realized "The Notebook" is on channel 5.

Give your daddy's a big hug tomorrow.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Customer Service

I have to give a shout out to our local Sam's gas station. I went this morning to fill up and the little man was out there and told me I could get in the car and he would finish pumping my gas.

I was so impressed! You don't get that kind of service any more and I am sure it was not a requirement of his job. I am sure that it was just his character to do something like that. Our young people need to be taught character like that.

Being in the banking industry customer service is a high priority, so I always notice when I have exceptional service. Unfortunately it is not that often. So many times I get some youngster that hasn't been taught any manners but then again I blame the company for not caring enough to train their employees.

I stopped shopping at Dillards after my wedding b/c they were horrible about ordering dresses for me. I needed a certain size and they wouldn't even check with there other stores to see if it was in stock. I was so mad at them. I still don't go there much now.....

When I do have great service, I always try to find a manager or send a note to let them know how that employee helped me.

Recent places that I shopped with great service were, Kohls customer service desk and Build a Bear.

So if you receive great service, take the time to find their manager and tell them, send a note or email the company.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hi blog world

I've missed you.

Here are a few photos of what I have been doing. The photos got out of order and I can't get them to move so here they are.

This is Pizza Spaghetti Casserole. I'm sorry to the blogger that I got this from but I can't remember where I found it. I made it tonight and it was yummy. Both Coco and Scott wanted 2Nd's. that is when I know it was good. She's kinda picky!!!!

The photo above is the damage I did at Kirklands on my lunch break today. They were having a big sale. I love my "C" pillow and the wooden letter. The smaller lamp was $11.48 and it has a linen type shade with leopard print inside. Really cute. The rooster lamp was only $11.18 and looks good in my dining room. the other set is for the bathroom, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser and soap holder. I got all that for $60 bucks. I am so proud. Except I am supposed to be doing the Dave Ramsey baby steps. I have to leave that debit card at home. Gotta gotta gotta, so I can live like no one else now so that I can live like no one else later!!!!!!!!

This is what we have been doing alot of! 3 more games and I can stay home after work and relax and enjoy my home. Oh I just can't wait!

We also have done a little bit of this and look forward to daily visits real soon!

Other than that my house is a wreck, my laundry is clean but piled sky high waiting for someone to fold it, the floors are yucky and you can't see out the patio door for the doggie slobbers. Who needs a clean house when you are having all this fun!
Don't you agree?
Yea it is hump day so only 2 more days until the weekend! I have a wedding on Saturday but other than that I am free to do as I please.
Wait I almost forgot Father's Day! I guess Sunday nap is out of the question.
I have to go get Scott a present. Don't tell him but he is getting a metal detector. I think he already knows, since he told me which one to buy and how much it costs!
We aren't big secret keepers around here. Like I am probably getting a Nikon D 60 for my birthday next month. Thank you honey I love you even if you can't do surprises........
Like he is going to read this! he won't get me a laptop because he says I will go to the bedroom to blog or read blogs and that will take me away from him and Coco. What does he think I'm addicted to blogging or something!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

I have some really funny conversations with children today at church.

Isaac: Ms Pam, my brother pee's on me.

Me: Oh, why does he do that?

Isaac: He just likes to do it and I don't like to be wet either!

Me: Sara, you have lost your front tooth!

Sara: Yes and I have to eat slower.

Kam: I haven't lost any teeth and I won't until I turn 6.

Me: You have beautiful teeth Kam.

Kam: The tooth fairy brought my Poppy a gold tooth.

Me: She did, a real gold tooth?

Kam: yes, Ms. Pam how do they get that gold tooth back in your mouth?

Me: I don't know Kam.

Kam: I bet she uses glue and just sticks it back in your mouth while you are asleep.

I was getting dinner ready last night and Coco was changing clothes (again). She put on her old dance leotard and comes into the kitchen and says "Mom does this make my butt look big?"
WHAT? she is only 7 years old, where does she get this stuff? She is to little to worry about this junk. I just laughed it off and told her of course not. That is one of those things where I have to shake my head and wonder!!!

I need to be getting ready for the girl scout Luau that I am having in an hour and a half. This is where we will pass out the patches and awards they have earned this year. We have had a lot of fun learning to sew , about animals, being in a play, traveling, cooking, manners, and camp. Now we did not go on a traditional camping trip. I am not wired that way ( i know that I will have to break down and take them real camping but i hope a camping mother will show up to handle that patch) Our camping trip consisted of us staying at the lodge on the girl scout camp site. It was a huge lodge and we had a great time.

Tomorrow will be our last outing of the year. I have made up a scavenger hunt at the mall for them. They will have a camera and find all the things and take a photo of them at each place and thing. Like In Girl Scouts we do lots of arts and crafts, find a store with the same name (Arty Crafty) or William loves to cook, find a place where he might sell his wares (William and Sonoma). Won't that be fun. We will end at Build a Bear making a bear!

Hope ya'll are having a fabulous Sunday!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday


This is my nephew who is turning 12 today!

I don't have anything exciting to talk about today. I have been home with a migraine all day! YUCK

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My crazy husband! Post #2 for Sunday

Post #2 for Sunday. Do you know where we just went? Sonic for ice cream, can you believe that. It is 10:30 at night I told him, but if you want to go I will go with you. Anything for my man. I took a photo of the menu to show you but I am to lazy to load it and I can't find the little cord so I can plug it up straight to the computer. The little waitress asked me why I was taking photos of the menu. I told her for my blog and she thought that was cool. I told Scott I hoped she knows what a blog is and he said "Honey at her age she probably does". Well, I got a chocolate sundae with butterfinger sprinkled on top and he got a butterfinger blast. This has got to stop. I have 56 days before I turn "40" and I want to lose 25 more pounds. Yea good luck with that, huh!

Before I forget it I want to tell you about a conversation Coco and I had the other day.
We were getting in the car to go somewhere.

Coco, "Mom the gas prices might go down"

Me, "Really why is that?"

Coco, "I wrote to the president"

Me, "Oh, when did you do this" (trying hard not to giggle)

Coco, "At school today, we are studying history this week" (last week of school and they had to find something for them to do)

Me, "Well honey I hope your letter makes him lower the gas prices"

She said it with such confidence, I couldn't help myself I told her to see if the teacher would make me a copy for my scrapbooking. I got the letter, it is was adorable. I love to see the innocence that she has at this age, the belief that a request like that might be granted. Bless her little heart! I can't help but love her to death.

Bathroom Redo

Here is my bathroom with all my deals from TJ Maxx. I wish I had a before photo b/c it is very different. Our house was built in the 60's and our bathrooms are the one of the last projects that we want to remodel. This will get us by until then. You can't really see but the colors in the shower curtain are chocolate, peach, blue and cream. It really matches that peach colored tile from the 60's....

We have had a great day. After church Coco and I came home for lunch and then I took a 2 hour nap while she played games on the computer and got into my make-up. It was so rainy and nasty I just wanted to sleep.

We started Summer Reading Club at church tonite and it was a success. We don't usually have a big crowd on Sunday nights so this will hopefully get some kiddos to come. It will also help keep the kids reading during the summer.

Tomorrow is Coco's first day of summer break, she is at Nana's and I think they might take her swimming or skating. She will stay with them every Monday. They usually try to take her to something every week which she loves. I start getting the guilty feelings about not being at home with her when summer comes around. But that isn't in our near future at this point. :(

Everyone have a great week. I will be a the ball field and trying to plan end of year Girl Scout events before everyone leaves for vacation.