Monday, May 31, 2010


Technically tomorrow is the last day of school, we gave Coco the option of not going. Before you go thinking I am a horrible parent. They haven't done anything but play and watch movies for the past few days at school. She can do that at home. She told me earlier today that she was going to school tomorrow, but then she found out her cousin will be at Nana's and she decided to spend the night with Nana. Fine by me because I feel like crud today.

Coco and I have been talking about our plans for summer. She has 3 different camps she will be attending, basketball camp, Girl Scout day camp, church camp. This is the first year she has attended any camps and church camp will be the first time for a week overnighter. We'll see how that turns out. She also informed me that she will be spending a full week at Nana's and Mimi's over the summer. I love this idea so that she gets some quality time with her Grandmothers. I think it would be a great tradition even though they both live close to us. Hopefully they can teach her things only Grandmothers can teach!

I want to have a etiquette camp with her. She needs some refreshers on how to be a lady! I hope to find fun ways to teach her so that she doesn't think it is a chore. She is wanting to more girly lately, probably a good time to review manners!

Some other things on our list are:
Visit museums in our area
Al fresco dining
Movies ( malco in our area is doing a 10am time 2 days a week for $2.00)
Have friends over
5th grade summer book
Tennis time
Batting cages
Going to the mall

I am sure we will be adding to this list as time goes by. Nothing is written in stone we are just going to hang loose and enjoy this time together. If by chance I get a job we'll still do these things just on weekends and evenings!

Are you ready for summer? What is on your to do list? I would love to hear about it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tuesday I had the honor of going with Coco on a field trip to Pea Ridge National Military Park. We had lots of fun. It sure gives you a new appreciation of teachers and what they deal with everyday. I was surprised that with our 2 classes that we were with only  a couple boys acted out and got in trouble. They had to stay with the teachers for the rest of the day. They were like little soldiers, lining up and going where they were told to go.

The battle of Pea Ridge between the Union and the Confederacy. The Union won :(
But it was a hard fought battle. We toured the museum and watched a movie narrarated by a few of the men that were still living at the time the movie was made.
The museum is very interactive which is great for the kiddos. Scotts family lived on the park after the civil war. They have a gun that was donated by the family but the volunteer there said it is in storage at this time. They have modernised the museum since I was there last but very informative. Scott's mother grew up on the park until she was in 7th grade ( this was before it was bought and made into a National Park). She told us stories about her Father working in his corn field and finding cannon balls, buttons, buckles etc. Back then not knowing what the property would become he just threw them away. Papa jokes with Coco and told her that Nana could them alot about the war because she stood on her porch and watched it. The war was 1862 so he was joking about her being old...

There are cannons all over the place on the park. The kids got a very cool lecture on how to work the cannon. Unfortunately they did not have enough staff to shoot the cannon. It took 6 people to make a shot happen. The cannon balls weighed about 12-15 pounds each and would shoot about 800 yards from the small cannon and about 1500 yard from the large one in the photo above. One of things I noticed from the cannons and the movie was that the ammunition used back then took time to set up for each shot. They would have to reload each time. How scary to have all that time to be a sitting duck.

This is Elkhorn Tavern that was taken over and used as a hospital during the war. Nana told us that she heard stories growing up about how the blood would drip from the floors into to the basement type area below. Amazing how far we have come since the 1800's! The house has a few pieces of period furniture inside so that was cool. Except the "feather or straw bed" was actually packing peanuts.

The view from a lookout point on the park. Wouldn't you love to wake up to that view everymorning. Beautiful. Nana says Mamie (Scotts Grandmother) got stuck up on one of these bluffs and grandpa (her boyfriend at the time) had to find a way to get her down. The lookout tower was not there then.

Wow it has been a very long time since I was on a school bus. It was cool and brought back lots of memories of riding the bus to and from school.

Coco asked Nana to join us since she lived on the park. This is her and Coco having a moment on the lookout. She really loves her!
We brought sack lunches and sat out under to big shade trees to eat. So fun! We finished 2 hours earlier than expected which was a Godsend since it was very hot and humid! Thankful that I was home and able to accompany Coco on this trip.


Sunday, May 23, 2010



Oh my! I loved this movie. Coco and I went to see it this afternoon. She was a little bored.
It met all my movie requirements. I laughed! I cried! I left with a full heart!
This was a great story.

Friday, May 21, 2010


While I was out today I went to several garage sales. I bought NOTHING!!! At one of the sales they had a couple of adirondack chairs for $10 & $15 each. As I was walking up I knew I wanted them and as I got closer the owner started taking off the signs. Someone else got to her first. I was sad, hindsight I should have offered the woman a little more for them...

I got discouraged so I went to TJ Maxx.  This is where I buy one of my favorite things in the world.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. This is Mango and Lime and smells good enough to eat.

Doesn't it look so yummy. It feels wonderful in the shower and leaves your body so soft and silky.
I also bought Cilantro and Pineapple flavor. It smells yummy too!
This stuff is the bomb and you should try some.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is information I copied from 40/29 news website.
Earthquake Reported In Benton County

2.6 Magnitude Quake Hits Near Cave Springs

Comments ROGERS, Ark. -- Scientists said another minor earthquake struck Benton County early Thursday evening.
Residents said they heard a loud boom at about 7 p.m. and felt shaking under their feet.

A seismograph at Hobbs State Park east of Rogers showed that something caused the earth to move. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that a 2.6 magnitude area hit about two miles northwest of Cave Springs.
The quake struck in the same general area where a 2.5 magnitude quake hit in April.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage.

This is the 2nd earthquake in our area. Our first ever was in April. I live east of the area that it happened so we didn't hear or feel it. Very strange and scary. We also have a natural gas lines that run thru our area which could be really dangerous. I am going to go research to see what I can find out about this. No one was hurt in either of the quakes, very thankful for that.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Northwest Arkansas has received so much rain and storms in the past few weeks. Even more today and more expected tonight. I am sick and tired of them I tell you! Our garden is not going to grow it is going to float away.

Before all the storms I did get some photos of the flowers around our yard and between us and our neighbors.

Our neighbor had the most beautiful Peony's. The dark red were gorgeous

We had several different Iris blooms

This rose bush had 100's of blooms on it. I didn't get a full photo of the bush. Wishing I had now that the storms and rain have ruined it.

This pink peony was blooming in the middle of lots of white blooms.
So pretty.

Ready for the stormy weather to be over with so we can enjoy this bounty of beauty. Speaking of that I have to go tie up a rose bush before the storm.
Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have had a very busy day. Coco has has a cough for about 2 weeks and I decided it was not getting better only worse. I was also sick of my headache so I took us both to the doctor. He gave us both anitbiotics and I finally got a prescription for migraine med. Give us 24 hours and hopefully we will be on the mend. We also took her to the dentist to pick up her new retainer.

I haven't talked about the job searching since I was layed off in March. I have applied for several positions but nothing happened. I had a couple of calls on my voicemail today that I will  return tomorrow so we'll see what transpires. I think they are either temp covering for a girl having a baby or parttime. Coco is hoping I am off with her for the summer. Probably 1 of the only times I will get to do that so I would be ok with it too. Unless a great position becomes available that I just can't pass up. At this point I can't settle for a job paying 1/3 of what I making. Hopefully I won't have to settle for that ever. I know one thing this is a humbling experience in a good way.  I am praying for God's will.

Off the bed to get some much needed rest!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We woke up to more rain.

Cancelled ball games ( could be answer to prayer)

5th day of headache for me.... has to be the rainy moldy weather

Coco having fun at a swimming birthday party

Coltens for a early dinner for Scott and I

Blog surfing for me this evening

I found this story and blog

The story of Jessica Watson 16 year old sailor that just arrived back in Sydney Austrailia after sailing around the world by herself. Read about it at
Amazing how dedicated and strong this girl is. I can't imagine being on a boat for 1day by myself let alone months! I don't know how her mom and dad stood it but they must have had a lot of faith in her. From what I read she has sailed for 8 years and had over 10,000 hours of sailing behind her, she was also a master. I was amazed.

Hope your Saturday was not a wash out!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been dreaming about changing our bedroom. It is too dark. I am thinking light and airy, with a touch of beachy. I went to Target today just to look around and found some things I just love.
I love the one above from the Shabby Chic collection. It is probably a little to shabby for Scott though.
Scott would like this one. The stripes are not my favorite.

The one below is my favorite by far. It is more of a quilt. It would look great with lots of pillows.

Like these Euro shams. This is not the same as the one I saw in the store but close.

So thats what I am dreaming about lately!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Monday

Photos from Mothers Day.

Should have turned that chair from the sun.  Everyone looks kinda grumpy and we weren't. Except for that little one in the black polka dot. She was getting kinda grumpy.

I love this one. Mothers neighbor invited us to use her yard and she had this swing in one of her trees.

We have been talking about making a chore list for Coco forever. I finally got one printed out today and had it ready for her when she got home. Nice afterschool treat, huh? I had to get a photo of her doing her dishwasher chore. This was her first time to load it, usually i only have her put away. Now if I can be consistent with making her do her chores.

Whats for dinner?  Do you hear this everyday too? I made Lasagna with ground beef and spinach, salad with italian dressing and garlic bread. This is a photo in the midst of making it. Love that ricotta cheese.

Coco sat the table for us. It was very good. When Scott sat down he said " This is the 2nd time he has had my lasagna since we married 10 years ago" I tell him when something good happens I like to live with the memory instead of trying to repeat it....... JK, sort of!!!

We are expecting severe storms tonight. I have already swept out the cellar and put a new candle down there. Coco has her fun bag packed. I am off to take a shower and pack me a bag. I always prepare for a storm with my phone charged, keys to car in my purse, wedding rings etc. I don't want to have a tornado and then not be able to get in my car. This happened in our area a couple of years ago. The women couldn't get in her car after a tornado went thru and destroyed her home.
Praying Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas stay safe tonight with all the storms.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Almost 10 years ago God granted me the best gift a woman can ask for. Becoming a Mommy!

Some things I have learned from my girl

How much I can love another person. A feeling that can't be described.

I am capable of going without sleep for long periods of time.

Unconditional love

The feeling of pride when she thinks of someone else before herself

Watching her experience things for the first time. I love watching her excitement

How much I hurt when her feelings are hurt.

Little girls are tough little buggers.

How fierce the feeling of protection is.

I am her voice until she reaches adulthood and maturity.

The beginning of the tween years.

She is very athletic and I am not.

How my dreams for her are so grand and I don't doubt she will attain them

She comes first (after Scott).

How quick she learns things.

How moody girls are, I don't remember being this way.

Girls really are Daddys girls.

She knows how to make me laugh.

Her life plans change daily and I shouldn't worry just yet.

Kids are growing up to fast now a days.

TV is just not good for kids.

Parenting is not easy.

How hard it is to remember when we ground her and sticking to it.

How much I want to give her the world.

And so much more.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Mother's day. It is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the gifts but because I will spend the day with my Mom and my daughter treasuring the gift of motherhood. Grateful to God for allowing me this gift of being a Mother. No other words are sweeter than that of Mommy!

Happy Mothers Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Monday: Coco home sick

Tuesday: Coco home sick again, ran a few errands, library, bank, etc.

Wednesday: Took my Mom to Tulsa for a docots appt. Shopped at my favorite store Ross Dress for Less. I found this store in Destin and always find lots of goodies when I go. Yesterday I found a couple of dresses, some plates for my plate wall (that will eventually come to fruition), a sweet little foot stool, some Mothers day gifts. We ate at Mimi's Cafe, I had my favorite grilled liver with mushrooms ( i know y'all are thinking GROSS but I love liver and don't ever get it except at Mimi's) I had never been to a Marshalls so we found one of those to, kinda disappointed it was just like TJMaxx.

Thursday: Jcpenneys, Walmart, Hobby Lobby getting ready for Muffins with Mom on Friday and Teachers Appreciation luncheon. I am on the PTO board so I will be helping with both of these events. Coco's softball game at 7: 30 tonight. They won 13 to 12! Made a Banana Split dessert for the Teacher luncheon.

Friday Plans: Up at 5am to get to the school by 6am for Muffins with Mom. Then will help set up for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon. Hope to meet my sister for some craft fairing. Be home in time to meet Coco when she gets off the bus. She has another game Friday night.

Saturday: Girl Scout Bazaar and blood drive to benefit Haiti Relief ( thinking this might need to be changed to Nashville) until late afternoon. Coco has a ball tournament for most of the day. I plan to rest rest rest on Saturday evening.

Sunday: Going to church with my Mom and then we are taking her out to lunch after church. If the weather is nice we plan to all go take some family photos. Enjoy Mothers Day

I am ready for next week so that I can get some rest! I wondered today how I would have gotten all this done if I had a job! I probably wouldn't be as tired! HA

I probably won't get to the computer until the end of the weekend so I wish you all a



Monday, May 3, 2010


What is the deal with blogger and photos. It loaded these in the wrong order! URRRGGG

Sunday afternoon we had dinner with my in-laws to celebrate Papa's 67th birthday. I can put his age cause he won't read this, ha ha ha! They invited us to Monte Ne Chicken for lunch. This is a local family restaurant that serves bean soup, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, coleslaw, bread, apple butter served family style. There are no menus this is what you get. It is always packed and reservations are needed.

When I was 25 I bought my first house as a single girl. This house is very close to Monte Ne Chicken and the lake. I always want to drive by when we are out that way. After lunch Scott and I drove up to the house.

This was my first home I purchased all by myself. It was 1100 sq feet and brand new back in 1993. I paid $55,000 for it and sold it a little over a year later. Long story on that!

I loved the street name Saratoga Drive. Street names speak to me

Sorry for the horrible photo but this is our lunch. I do not like food on a bone, but I have had fried chicken 3 times in this week alone! We had the same menu at bible study last Wednesday, we stopped into KFC on Saturday for a quick supper. It will probably be another year before eating like this again.

Papa and Nana reading his birthday card. He is the worst to get us funny birthday cards, his was about false teeth and smiling! We got him a big clock with a temp gauge for him to put up outside.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Lowes getting flowers, measurements for blinds, vanities and grocery shopping at Walmart. Coco complained most of the time we were in Lowes and I thought it was just because she was bored. By 8pm last night she had a fever of 101. She didn't tell us she felt bad she just wanted to leave the store. She is home with me today. No more fever just very lathergic.

I have several projects planned for this week and I hope to get started and show you what I am up to.