Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Our girl scout troop participated in the annual Wagggs event represented Thailand.  The only photo I have is from sitting in the car afterwards playing on snapchat with the girls

Started softball season

Celebrated birthdays with April and Kaylee

Bought Colby a car
1997 Tracer  

Hosted our 2nd annual last day of school breakfast.
Spent a week in Destin Florida.

Spent a lot of time celebrating our girl turning Sweet 16!
Hardest thing ever to watch her drive away without me.

Colby participated in our towns beauty pageant.
She won JR. Miss for 2016
We surprised her with a Sweet 16 party July 1st with a chauffeur, photo shoot with friends and dinner on the square, and ended with a back yard party at our home.
She filled out her first job application
We drove her in the 4th of July parade in a convertible!
She started her first job at Dickey's BBQ

3RD annual back to school breakfast for Colby and her friends Junior year!
Chemistry class. I have to steal photos from her Instagram and snapchat!
Scott went to Colorado hunting
I tried out the biscuits and gravy dried meal and it was really good.
My sister and I went to Tulsa to the CK Scrapbook convention.

Homecoming dance with AJ
Celebrated Ethan and Scott's birthdays
Started planning building a new house in 2017
Halloween parties and dances

Thankgiving at Mom's. She fractured her tailbone so my sister and I did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving.
Cross Country Meets
Snapchat filters

Christmas celebrations!!
We all wore matching PJ's for Christmas day at Mom's!!
Jesus is the reason for the season!

Monday, October 31, 2016


Looking back at some Halloween's past

We've been Ladybugs, Sheep, Cheerleader, Snow queen, Chinese princess, Football player,
Bride, and last but not least Police woman. Tonight she is working at her job and we didn't even turn the porch light on for trick or treaters. Sad

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lately

Homecoming 2016 was this past Saturday. Coco invited a good friend of hers at the last minute. He is the sweetest guy. The group met up at our house and drove over to the Orchard to take pictures along with 3 other cities nearby.
My camera skills are lacking or my camera needs adjusted. So many of my photos were blurry. She was making it fun.

Typical teenagers on their phones. Surprised they are actually talking and not texting :)

AJ Coco Sam Shelby Brittany Trevor
Just friends but they look so darn cute together!!!!

These 2 are softball teammates when we were on traveling team and now on high school team together. They clean up good from those dirty stinky softball days.

Shelby and Coco have been known each other since elementary school and girl scouts

They wanted a tough girl look ha
Trevor the usual goofball :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today is Show and Tell Tuesday over at Momfessionals. It is Nicknames, Quirks and what makes me me!

My Daddy is the only one to ever give me a nickname and it was Punkerdunk and my sister still sometimes calls me Punk.

I have lots of quirks. I'm just weird LOL That's ok I like weird!

I have to turn paper napkins inside out. I think no one has touched the inside of the napkin.

I put mayo in my ketchup when eating fries from Chick fil A. I could eat Chick Fil A for breakfast Lunch and Dinner! I probably have a couple of times.

I will pick where to eat based on whether they have Coke or Pepsi, must have Coke.

Socks! I can't breathe with socks on in bed. No socks and I have to have 1 leg out from under the covers.

I don't touch raw meat. I use tongs and scissors to cut chicken up or trim all the fat off. I use Ziploc bags on my hands to mix up a meatloaf.

I plan in my head the route I am going to take and always think about how to get to the closest stop light.

I can't handle anyone talking with food in their mouth or double dipping... Just NO

I hate feet (except for Colby's) I was a grown adult before I felt comfortable enough to show my feet in sandals. I don't want ANYONE touching me with their feet. Lots of fights growing up sleeping with my sister!

I don't make my bed everyday but it has to be made before I go to bed. If Scott goes before me and doesn't make it, drives me crazy and I don't sleep well.

When drying my hands at work or out I need 3 paper towels every single time!!

I like my space, I get anxious when someone (not my family) gets really close to me, like airplane seats, someone standing close at work to look at same screen, etc.

Enough of my weirdness. Check out other Show & Tell here  Show & Tell Tuesday

Monday, March 14, 2016


High School Softball Season
Let the craziness begin. Although it is night and day from travel ball it is still busy. She has 4 games this week. I don't always get to make it to the away games which makes me sad but it is what it is. Luckily I get to see pictures from the other parents. 

This year she is catching for the first time in her 10 year ball career. She likes and is doing a great job. She is more protected there than any other position on the field. With the gear she is fearless. She hasn't tried out for an infield position because the coaches are against face mask wearing. She played 3rd base for ever and I won't allow her to play without it. I've seen and heard of too many injuries to the face that could have been prevented with a face mask. From a Momma "that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of" !!!! I would bet money when their kids start playing they will change their tune. 

I'll get off my soap box now! ha 

Only a couple more years to watch her do her thing on the field. 
I am going to watch the Bachelor Finale until it is time to pick her up at the school tonight!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review Part 2

2015 continued


Coco joined Gamma Sigma Gamma a Girl Scout sorority

We celebrated these 2 birthdays this month. Dallas (nephew) on the 18th and Mom on the 23rd.

We went to a Razorback football game

I treated my team to pedicures and dinner


Attended a wedding for this cute couple

 Coco and Schelby served cake at the wedding. We should have practiced cake cutting prior to the event :)

These girls hosted a warm drive to collect gloves, scarves and socks at their school

This girl started running Cross Country this year

Homecoming 2015 photo shoot
She chose to go with her friends this year and turned down the boys.

Her friend couldn't go until later after dark so we stopped a laundromat in town and did a Urban Photo Shoot

Scott and I celebrated 16 years of marital bliss on the 23rd

Celebrated my great nephew's birthday on the 27th and Scott's on the 26th


She qualified for the State finals in Hot Springs

Celebrated my Mother in Law's 70th birthday on the 11th

Held our annual Hanging of the Greens on Friday after Thanksgiving.

Took these 2 cuties to dinner


Christmas morning in her jammies

1st annual Dirty Santa Christmas at Mom's on Christmas day. We had so much fun and everyone was so creative. We came home with the Arkansas Wind Thangy wind chime

 We also played Pie Face and it was a big hit

Coco and Mimi (my Mother) on Christmas Day

Peace out 2015 Look out 2016 here we come!!!