Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 A LOOK BACK (part 1)

Our 2013 began with many worries and changes for my Mom and Stepdad. My stepdad had a massive heart attack in December 2012 and they spent a month or more in Little Rock Baptist Hospital. Coming home in January 2013 with the assistance of a LVAD machine. Many things changed for them but I am so proud of my Mom and what a great care giver she has become. I admire her strength and unconditional love.
 We celebrated our family Christmas in January with all of us and my Aunt Thelma and her boys/families and Uncle Les and Aunt Carol

 February brought us a snow day. I think it may have been the only snow we got in the beginning of 2013.

 The photos are out of order now but this was taken in January of Coco and yes it was warm enough to wear short sleeve shirts and sleeveless dress

Coco and I did a photo shoot. She is growing up too fast!!!

Coco all dressed up for the end of year Duck Dynasty themed dance.

Coco joined a competitive softball team that kept us busy throughout the year!!! We didn't realize what we were getting into but it has been good for her.

Last day of 7th grade!!!

We spent a week in Destin Florida celebrating Scott's parents 50th wedding anniversary. A wonderful trip again!! My favorite place

 On our way home from Florida we made a stop in Monroe Louisiana to visit the Duck Dynasty warehouse. Yes it is just like on the show, at least on the outside. we didn't get to see much of the inside.

Coco also played on a recreational softball league. These are several girls that have grown up together in our small town and was a lot of fun to be with and watch them play ball.

to be continued

Monday, December 23, 2013

50 years and counting

Last weekend I had the honor of hosting a 50th Anniversary party for my inlaws. They were married on December 21st 1963. We celebrated in June with our family trip to Destin but I wanted to do something more to acknowledge their 50 years. In todays world that doesn't happen as often as we would hope. I wanted their grandchildren especially to see what a great thing it is and also their friends and family.

I made the card box using a old suitcase I had

I had all this at home and used it as the photo table. Using old photos of their 50 years together.

I found this online and loved it.
Just imagine 1, 577, 880,000 seconds with someone

Nana had kept this scrapbook page. The hit of the day is the receipt at the bottom, it was for $3 which was the cost of the marriage license. I believe Papa said he may have had to borrow the $3. The other newspaper were her engagement and wedding shower announcements. The wedding shower said she had 75 guests.

the cake table

I ordered a small cake for them and a full sheet cake for the guests

With their grands

papa and coco, yes she has blossomed into a young lady

We held the reception at the same church they were married in. Actually it isn't the same building as it was lost in a tornado and then a fire in the past 50 years. There was still snow on the ground and very cold that day.

We didn't throw rice or anything but I wanted a picture of them leaving