Wednesday, March 31, 2010


AIDEN: Ok I just think he is the cutest thing ever so I used most of my votes on them. Edyta has always been a favorite of mine. Would give anything to have a body like hers.

EVAN: Loving the jive

NEECY: She did a great job, reminds me of Cloris Leachman. She talks to much.

JAKE : Wow I really liked his dance this week. He did a great job and I loved the attitude and the outfits. He makes a cute nerd.

BUZZ: He just needs to go home. I am impressed with him doing this at his age but watching him is boring.

ERIN: She is great. A very good dancer for being a self confessed tomboy.

NICOLE:  She is good but she dances all the time, so she has a upper hand

CHAD: Ok is his last name 75 in spanish? I love to watch him and Cheryl

KATE: Its who she is!!!!  Poor Tony

Monday, March 29, 2010


You would never guess where I am!

Give up?

On my front patio blogging!

This so cool, the weather is perfect the sun is going down.

I see the shadows of the trees on the house across the street.

The birds are singing to beat the band. Every now and then I hear a weird one.

My neighbors wife is ready to go in but he is keeping her working. Oh he just started the tiller and messed up my bird singing. Now I can't hear what they are saying. Darn

I am just a tad nosey! Not that I would ever admit it to anyone else.

I am smelling dirt or maybe it is dust. A trace of a grill somewhere in the neighborhood. Wonder what they are cooking?

I have had a great day. Most of it was spent at the unemployment office. You know they could save by hiring more help. It is like the DMV slower than an old man on a tractor! There were 2 guys at the front desk and 1 of them was just sitting there with his arm on the desk holding up his head. I really wanted to tell them that I could at least look busy, so they should hire me. But I didn't, I just sat there and waited and waited and waited. Listening to other peoples conversations, pretending to read my book. To many people with sneezes and coughs too. I joked with the lady next to me that I need to remember to bring a mask with me next time. After all that waiting I come to find out that I won't get any money for another week or so due to the fact that I received a severance payout last week. Thank you very much, I can surely go 3- 4 weeks without any income. No problem, now I need to find the numbers to all my creditors to see if it is ok that my payments will be 3-4 weeks late. You can bet that won't fly. Like my honey says, it will work out we'll make it. This is coming from the same man that doesn't want to know what we owe on that credit card cause it might cause him to have a coronary!

Back to my bird listening.

Wow we have a lot of traffic on our little street. We need one of those signs that say SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY. When you see that sign, do you think SLOW DOWN or they have slow children??
Scott always says something goofy about having slow children. Isn't that mean? Bless his heart he doesn't mean any harm.

Someone is doing laundry, I smell their bounce sheets.

Oh gotta go, someone is stopping to see us.

Catcha later.

Sunday, March 28, 2010



This is my to do list for the week. Hoping by putting it on here I will be motivated to get it all done. We will see on Friday.  It is supposed to be a wonderful week weather wise, we'll see.


Friday, March 26, 2010


  1. My sweet hubby took the day off to spend with me. He totally surprised me and had planned on taking me away for a night in Eureka Springs but with me layed off we decided to just stay home and spend today running around. We got up early and went garage saleing and junkin.
Here a my treasures for the day.

A couple of magazines for 35 cents.

A desk for Coco. We will be redoing it and it was just $5.00

These were the best deal of the day. I got 2 of these for $15.00 each. They are in really good shape now I have to decide on how to redo them. What do you think I should do with them???

While we were spending the day together, Coco went to the Tulsa zoo with her Nana and Papa. She had a great time too!
I am linking up with Southern Hospitality for my thrifting finds.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My neighbor gave me this recently

I have wanted one of these for a long time and she just wanted it out of her house. Score for me. I use it now when I am watching tv. I am going to use it for a week and see if it helps me to lose some weight along with watching what I eat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Something is wrong with me. We are watching The Biggest Loser.

My favorite trainer Bob

They were doing a 26.2 bike challenge and I got tears in my eyes when they were finishing.


I was just excited for them all.

We love this show!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I couldn't wait to watch this season. It is going to be good.
Here are my favorites from tonight.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I had the pleasure of spending Saturday at Girl Scout Camp learning how to build fires, cook on propane stoves, dutch ovens and box ovens, knife safety etc.
Warning lots of photos

How to build a fire. Due to the rain we had to pretend and do this inside. We did get to go out and gather tinder, kindling and logs for a fire. Then we had to distribute it back into the woods. This is leave no trace camping.
The photo above is a box oven. A paper box wrapped in foil with metal skewers pushed all the way thru, this will be your oven rack. Place hot charcoal in bottom. Each charcoal briqette will have 40 degrees of heat, if you need to bake something at 400 degrees you will need 10 hot briquettes. The tricky part is knowing when it is done. We were told that you use your nose. Oh and you punch a vent hole in each side on opposite ends.

Here you can see our cake and putting the hot briquettes inside. We used a charcoal starter. That was a new thing for me too. we heated them in a metal feed pan.

We made cornbread in the dutch ovens. this is me helping rotate the ovens 90 degrees every 15 minutes. I learned that you use the inches of the dutch oven to determine how many briquettes you need to cook on these.

Here is our chocolate cake. It was a little slanted but very yummy. Our yellow cake burned a little but it was all gone at the end of lunch.

Our cornbread was perfect from the dutch oven

Our main dish was foil dinners. We were supposed to cook these on the fire but since it was raining we cooked them with charcoal on the grills

Cabbage leaf, beef pattie, potatoes, carrots, bell pepper, onion, a dollop of cream of mushroom soup. Roll up and put on grill for 15 minutes on each side

My pictures got out of order. After you wash rinse and sanitize your mess kit (plate, bowl, cup & fork knife spoon) you place them in your dunk bag (mine was a lingere bag from the laundry dept) and hang them to drip dry. You would also use this bag if you need to dunk in the creek to rinse off.

The Girl Scouts have a definite way of doing things. This is our dishwashing station. You have to have 3 tubs, 1 wash 2 rinse 3 santize.
Another thing I learned is how to make fire starters. Take a paper egg crate, put wood shavings in each hole and then pour melted candles over each hole. Then you can take 1 little square to start your fire.

I am excited to teach these things to my girls. I think we will start with outdoor cooking meeting and then backyard camping.

The ladies the taught us were all volunteers and I am so grateful for the women that have a heart to help young girls be the best they can be.  

Friday, March 19, 2010


* Pen and Paper
* Dress for weather with closed toe shoes and rain gear
* Sit upon or lawn chair
* Mess kit or bowl and plate
* Cup
* Eating utensils
* Dunk bag
* Bandana
* Pocket knife
* My own tent (optional)

Can you guess what this list is for?

Girl Scout camp training. I am spending tomorrow at camp learning how to take my troop camping.
I am excited about going except that the weather is supposed to be horrible. Calling for rain all day with a high of 45 and that will be in the a.m. with rain turning to snow.

Our menu is beef or turkey foil dinner (on charcoal or wood), cornbread in dutch oven, cake in a box oven, and S'mores on stick cooking. Doesn't that sound good!
I am SO NOT a camper girl. I have taken our troop to camp but we stayed in the lodge with all the convienences of home. I am going to be way out of my comfort zone, but it will be fun!

I will get to wear my new houndstooth wellies. They might be too cold so I will bring something else too. I had fun getting all my supplies at wal-mart today. My dunk bag is actually a bra bag from the laundry dept. I found my mess kit in the summer plastic dept and I found my very own pocket knife in the camping section for $1.00, Scott said I needed a better one but we'll see how it works.

I wish my girls could come with me to, I will have to take them all out to learn these things too. We might just have to have a outdoor cooking meeting!

Wish me luck and I will let ya'll know how it goes. I plan to take lots of pictures to document my camp experiences!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't think I mentioned it on here but I took Coco to the Dentist for a checkup on Monday of this week. She has had her braces and quad helix on for 1 year and it was time to take out the quad and get a mold for a retainer. She freaked out! She wouldn't open her mouth, screamed if they tried to touch her mouth. I even had to call her Daddy to come help me with her. After a hour and a half we finally got it done. I felt like we had been through a war or something and I was so upset with her because this is just not like her. It was a combination of not enough sleep the night before, a lose tooth that she was afraid they were going to touch, being 9 yrs old with hormones going up and down .

Luckily the staff at Dr. Rhodes offices are God sent. Miss Crystal was able to get the retainer done locally and called us to come in today for the removal of her braces and fit for the retainer. Coco and I had some long talks the last 2 days on what was going to happen when she went back. She assured me that she would comply with the dentist and if she did, we would go do something fun afterwards.

This is Coco before with her braces

After without braces. She is so excited about her new smile

Bless her sweet heart Miss Crystal was so great with Coco!

Notice the bear in her arms? This is BEARY, I bought this bear for her about 3 or 4 years ago for $5 at Lifeway. She has slept with this bear ever since and it is her comfort. She brought it with her today for strength. The poor thing has no neck anymore.

She chose Chucke Cheese for her treat. I ate a salad while she played the games.
She is not liking her retainer but she will get used to it just like the braces.

We also went to my favorite place TJ MAXX. I bought a really pretty blue plate for a plate wall arrangement I want to begin and Coco got a new swimsuit. I just heard on the news that it is supposed to snow here on Saturday so she won't need it for awhile I guess.

Glad to be done with the braces and the drama!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We had a GREEN start to our day.

Coco will not be pinched today, she is prepared!

Looking cute in her green clover shirt

Bright eyed and ready for breakfast

Green eggs and green milk. A tradition we started when she was just a toddler. She still loves it today.

Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday


Monday, March 15, 2010


I am.... cooking dinner and blogging

I think....tonight is going to be a boring tv night

I doing something more productive

I dream....of making it on 1 income and being a sahm

I become a better wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend

I know...God has my back

I don't like....doing dishes or laundry

I smell...chicken cooking

I hear....Scott talking on the phone and Coco talking to herself doing homework

I fear....the economy getting worse

I usually...waste to much money eating out

I search...for a closer relationship with Jesus

I nephews right now, havent seen them in weeks

I to my Mama and sister everyday

I regret....not going to college

I wonder....if I could go back to school now

I crave...being creative

I remember...when I weighed 110 and struggled to gain weight
I family

I forget.... too much lately
I feel....strong

I many things

I can't....sing

I am be home with Scott and Coco

I lose.....??

I the car when I am alone

I listen...not very well

I Hobby Lobby way to much

I much junk

I love.....deeply

I haven't been able to participate in so long, glad to be joining again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thank you all for your sweet comments!

I love blogging for this reason. I have the sweetest followers and feel blessed to have you all!

It will be a challenge but I do feel more up to it this time.

Going to take advantage of the time I will have.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, March 12, 2010



My position was eliminated as of today!

It has been 11 months since I was called back from the 1st layoff!

It wasn't as devastating this time.

It still stinks like poo!

Last time I allowed it to really get me down and depressed!

I refuse to let it do that to me again!

I went to the unemployment office and applied for benefits right after I left the office.

I will do some spring cleaning

I will be home to meet Coco everyday

I will look for a job and ask God to open doors.

I will become a coupon saving mama

I will work on becoming a Proverbs 31 woman in my home

I will make it through this

I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you , plans to give you a hope and a future!

I will be clinging to this verse for the next few weeks!

Scott is home and we are going to start our date night early with a early movie and dinner!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just a normal Thursday here.

Walked on the treadmill when I got up this morning (2 days in a row) :)

Work, busy with all the people trying to buy homes before the tax credit expires

Girl Scout Leader Meeting after work

Scott and Coco ordered pizza so i had food when I got home and didn't have to cook

Coco is going to a friends house tomorrow after school, which means Scott and I get to have a date night

Tomorrow is TGIF  YEAH

Some plans for the weekend

Softball practice  not me of course but Coco

Cleaning house


Maybe some thrift store shopping

Relax and renew

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Look what I ordered today!

My sister and I were talking about this movie the other day and I remember it being so hilarious! So I ordered it for 5.99 with free shipping. 

 This cover makes it look like it might be inappropriate too.I don't remember it being bad but we shall soon see because it has already shipped.

Do you love old movies? This was from 1978 so I would have been 10 years old! Some movies just bring back memories of that time in your life. I don't know if I was 10 when I watched it, could have been later on, but I remember it being funny!

I bought Troop Beverly Hills last year , thinking it might be fun for the Girl Scout troop to watch. Thank goodness I watched it first, another one I didn't remember being inappropriate.

I should have it within a couple of days.

I will keep you posted on the rating.

Perfect timing too. My next PTO meeting is next week! 

I should have checked to see if it was PG, PG13 or lets hope not R. I didn't think of that. Oh well

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Outside my window... it is dusk , windy and cool

I am thinking.... I want this pain to go away

I am thankful ...for a wonderful husband and daughter that have taken care of me this weekend

I am wearing...I am ashamed to admit, old Florida pink t-shirt and kelly green shorts, I am in my own home and don't expect to go anywhere.

I am remembering...nothing nota zilch

I am creating around here lately

I am less move more, as soon as I am feeling better

I am reading...Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I am hoping...this weather holds out and we have another weekend like this past one that I missed.

On my mama

From the learning rooms... Coco has her reading and math grades up but she needs to get home to do her daily reading

Pondering these words ...Eat to Live

From the kitchen... sink full of dirty dishes

Around the house...laundry going, my secret purchase is still out waiting on Scott to finish putting together

One of my favorite things..I have a new follower today here on the blog

A few plans for the rest of the week...catching up on housework from the weekend, working, craving some scrapbooking

I borrowed this from Rhonda at Down Memory Lane. I see it on the blogs but had never tried it. A great way to document your memories. THANKS RHONDA

Monday, March 8, 2010


I was home in bed again today. The pain is kicking my tail, but it is better tonight. Hoping I can make thru Tuesday so that I can go back to work.

I am also starving. I made something I could eat tonight.

Loaded mashed potatoes!

This is what those other people I live with ate.
Chicken stir fry, the photo doesn't look great but it was out of a box and not my usual with fresh veggies.

We have been trying out some new teas. The green teas, the cheaper brands, etc.
You just can't do any better than good ole Lipton. There is no other!

Sneak peek at my latest splurge. I have had it for a couple of weeks and Scott just got around to putting it together for me. Can you guess what it is/ where it will go?

Looking forward to Tuesday and getting back to normal!

what is the problem

Update: I don't know what happened but they are back up! yea

I have lost all the blogs I follow and it says I am not following??

Did anyone else have that problem?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today hasn't been any better! Scott says I look like I am dipping tobacco with my swollen jaw.

I feel rotten and I am disappointed that I missed such a great weekend!

I have kept ice on my jaw and taken pain medicine all weekend and it doesn't feel like it has lightened up at all. I tried to go without the medicine today and I didn't last an hour.

I sure didn't expect it to be this hard to recupperate.

Hoping to be better tomorrow!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Anything but laying around recuperating from dental work!
I am looking like a chipmunk, hurting and woozy from the meds.

I want to get started on the transformation of this

Our neighbors moved last weekend and she gave me this old window and the idea for making it beautiful. I will be showing it once I feel better.

Some other things I would like to do this weekend.

*going to flea markets

*looking for a end table to paint a gorgeous green

*outside enjoying the beautiful weather

*scrapbooking (might be able to do some of this later

*spring cleaning

*getting ready for garage sale in April

*photoshoot with Coco

*road trip

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


UPDATE: Surgery was fast and I was home by 11am. Can't eat anything but milkshakes. Managing pain for now. The meds really aren't knocking me out so I am bored and wanting to do to much!!!

I will be spending my Friday morning here!

I will be having a 2 teeth extracted. I am hoping it not a big deal. I don't even remember having my other wisdom teeth removed when I was younger. The younger part might have something to do with it. My mama is coming to take me because they will sedate me and I might be a little coo cooko afterwards.

I am prepared to spend some time layed up in bed with these.

I believe these are the last 2 of his books that I haven't read. I am noticing that some of his characters are from previous books. I love a good book that seems to go on and on.

So say a little prayer for me tomorrow, I hope not to spend the entire weekend with pain meds and ice packs.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I just finished The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

I enjoyed it!

I was surprised with it. It was happy, sweet, loving, evil, and sad all rolled into one.

I won't ruin it for anyone that wants to read it or see the movie.
I will say it had a very surprising ending!

I bought myself a laptop this week and I am loving it. Typing is taking some getting used to. I miss all the blogs I had in my favorites but I will slowing build my list back up, probably find some new ones. Now I am not stuck in one spot when I want to read blogs or surf the web.  The first night I wanted to set up it before The bachelor came on and when I finished Scott was on the phone so I went into our bedroom to watch so that he could watch whatever he wanted. He comes in later and the first words out of his mouth is " This is your future"! I think he is worried about me being online to much! He could be right! We'll see!