Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It is that time of year again.
We love our Razorback Hogs

We will be getting together with friends to watch this weekends first game of the season.

These will be one of things I make to take with us.

Paula Deen posted these on a recent FB post.
A perfect fit for our first HOG game of the year!

There are lots of posts this week for tailgating recipes. I will be looking some good dips to make too!
What is your favorite tailgate recipe?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I found this on Pinterest

I did 1 time.
About killed me
My breathing is still not normal


Monday, August 15, 2011


Coco's first words to me this morning were "Do I have to go today?"
She was super nervous this morning.
I did a few photos before I drove her to school

She was overcome with excitement
I almost got to walk in with her. We got there and she said she wanted me to come in with her because she wasn't sure where to go. We got half way to the door and she saw a friend pulling up with her Dad. She says to me its ok Mom I will wait for Ashlyn.

Come on Mom REALLY
Isn't her outfit cute

pretty girl

Peace out

After school photo
She had a great day

Here Mom I could be a perfume model

I wondered about her all day. She had a great time. The only hiccup was she had to sit with 7th graders at lunch. Those 7th graders must be scary.

I am also saving these photos for a Week in the Life project I started today. I will be documenting our week in notes and photos.
I will try to share here on the blog.
Hope all your kiddos had a great first day of school too!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tomorrow morning my baby girl will walk into a new school.
A new set of classes
A new set of teachers
Not a play ground in site.
She will be a middle schooler
with al a carte lunches
and study halls.

She is prepared as much as possible
she has been very nervous this year
her Daddy couldn't understand why
she was in such a tizzy tonight.
She cut her leg shaving
she brushed and flossed and lotioned

so many changes getting ready for this year
we shopped at
charlotte russe
american eagle
the buckle

we bought toms instead of nikes
we got feathers in her hair
we had her nails done

she is carrying a purse this year
she needs some where to keep
her phone and all those things
girls need

I probably won't get a photo of her in class
she made sure everything fit in her backpack
so Mama doesn't need to walk her in
she's to big to have her Mama walk her in to class

Mama doesn't feel like she is big enough to
go into school by herself
but I will let her do it on her own
as I watch through the car window
proud that I have helped prepare her
for days like these
days she needs to be confident and brave
days where she will come home
to tell me all about her day
the friends she reconnected with
new friends she made
which classes she liked
and those she didn't
she will tell me with excitement
about the new lunch options
she has never had before

it will be a long day for me
as I watch the clock
anxious to get home
to hear all about her day
in this new place
middle school