Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Do you drink coffee?

I didn't until about 5 days ago.

Scott and I had been talking about how we didn't like coffee when most "grown ups" like it. You know when everyone is having coffee and you ask for tea or coke or something. I sorta didn't feel grown up not partaking in such a widely popular drink. Scott just wanted something to help him wake up in the mornings before work and something about his strongman workouts or something or other.

Friday at work I walked by the coffee machine and saw there was still some left and the hazelnut creamer sitting there and it just lured me in. Like a drug.
I was making myself a cup when my coworker walks by just as I am pouring in the creamer. Did I mention it is Hazelnut creamer? She says "whoa what are you doing" I said "making myself a cup of coffee". She laughed and said I think it is more like a cup of creamer with a little coffee.
I didn't give a care, that stuff was the creamiest stuff ever.

I thought about it several times over the next 24 hours. Like a light bulb I had the brightest idea. Fathers day is Sunday. So I start looking online at prices of Keurig makers. Belk has a sale....
Woo Hoo how fast can I get there. So I get there a pick out this Mini Keurig that is red so it will match my kitchen, super score. Oh yea this is a gift for Scott. I scour the shelves for the perfect box of little cups for the maker. Since it is for Scott and he likes French Vanilla Cappawhatever I am thinking of him again.
I get to the counter and ask for every coupon and discount they can use. Belk is great at giving you discounts or coupons if they have them. Finally all said and done I walk out of there with a Keurig for less than $70 bucks.

I think I got sidetracked here. My point of this post is CAN YOU GET ADDICTED TO COFFEE AFTER 1 CUP?

Seriously I made a cup for the drive to work and then kinda had a desire for it several times today. Got home at 6:30 tonight and made myself another cup.

It's crazy! What do they put in this stuff?

Maybe that is why my Mom and Sister drink it all day long!!

I may just need a 12 step program!

In my mind I am justifying it with even with the creamer it is still a lot less calories than Coke.

That's my story and I am sticking to it!!!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Welcome to the club!! Lucky Scott, a kcup machine is on my wish list!! Now, try iced coffee, you will be lost forever!!! lol

Kelley said...

Hey Pam! It's fun in the coffee club. I wasn't much of a drinker of coffee until after having Mady. She does sleep at night well. I was still working. I had to do something to stay awake! I love it too!