Saturday, February 23, 2013


saturday started out just perfectly

sleeping in past 8am

nothing but time on our hands

i used that time wisely

i watched pioneer woman and trisha on food network

i love both those shows

then i don't even remember what i watched

took a nap about 11 to 1

got up started watching lifetime

until the very last minute that i had to shower

and drive to work our shift at the girl scout cookie booth

at our local harley davidson shop

that was interesting to watch the harley clientele come and go

entertaining and the friendliest people eveh

coco and i left there, went to ross for a little shopping fix

we both found the cutest rugs we wanted

a cute blouse, leggings, hair accessories

we got in line to check out

it was going to be sunday before we got to the end of that line

so we left our cart and went to zaxbys

sure hope they have those rugs when i go back during the week

when it is slower and i feel bad for that worker that has to put it

all away, then again they should have more people working on a

saturday evening.

we did find some really cute summer things for our destin trip

this summer.

i just have to get BUSY on this weightloss

that is a bad word this week.  all i do is gain and lose the same

3 pounds every stinking week

i know what the problem is  i just don't want to do the work

then we came home and need to separate girl scout cookies

so we can drive all over the country spending $4 dollar gas to

deliver them tomorrow.......................

cheers my friends


Kelley said...

I know how you feel. I gain and lose the same 5. I am doing Zumba 3 days a week. I have to change how I eat. I wish I didn't like food.

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