Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Destin Part 2

first thing went to the beach for a couple of hours
My first trip into the ocean I was making my way out to where scott and Coco were and a huge wave hit me, knocked me down my hat went flying to shore, luckily I grabbed by sunglasses found my bearings while everyone around had a good laugh.

we came back to the house and swam for a few hours
took a nap
went to the Outlet Mall, I didn't buy anything. Just not in the shopping mood this year (unusual for me).
Dawn n Shawn made dinner. Meatloaf, new potato's, salad delicious.
went to the beach
swimming before bed

wed- up at 515 to take Scott to the harbor so he could go fishing.
came back and slept until about 9,
took Coco ou. t shopping. ate at Taco Bell
scott was late coming in so we walked around Destin Harbor
met him at the boat slip so I could take pictures of the catch.
brought him home exhausted and we all 3 took a nap.

went to walmart to get stuff to cook the red snapper he caught. it was our night to make dinner. it turned out really good.


went to Barnes n Noble to look around

got a couple of books
My Summer of Southern Discomfort and

Marble Slab creamery is right next door so we had ice cream. $15 for a small waffle cone and a waffle bowl....

swimming again before  bed.

Some of our family photos we took at the beach very early one morning. Love using the remote control for my camera, makes doing this easier but need more practice.

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Kelley said...

Beautiful pictures Pam! Your daughter is just beautiful! She is looks like such a young lady now. Makes me sad because my oldest is growing fast too!