Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where does time go!!!

I have failed miserably keeping up this blog. I blame it all on Instagram and facebook!! It is too easy to post a pic and go on about my business, but I want to remember more memories.

Lots of things have been happening.
Spring softball playing with NWA Vortex. We lteoved the families we got to hang with. They made is possible because the coaching and direction from the coaches was HORRIBLE! Lying cheating lying bullying ignorance I could go on and on. We stayed on to complete our commitment but finally it got to be too much and we weren't teaching Coco anything by staying in such a dysfunctional organization. We resigned with a couple of games left but the team ended up disbanding anyway. We are taking a break from it this fall. Coco is football manager again and wants to be able to go to the games, last year she missed everyone due to softball practice. She needs this time to just be a teen and get more involved in high school.

Summer went by really fast. We didn't vacation this year because our vaca time was spent traveling with softball team. I did get to spend a few days in Pennsylvania in April with the Amish. The grands wanted to take Coco to Colorado. They left on Tuesday drove to Toucumcari NM the first day. The Hampton Inn they were in that night was struck by lightning and caught fire at 2am. They got out safely but just in their pj's. All the belongings still in the room, even their glasses. Poor Nana was blind without them. There was a wonderful couple that took charge, took them to Kmart to buy clothes and shoes. Took them to their home for lunch and helped get some of their items back. Apparently the firemen went through some of the rooms getting what they could. Scott and I took off work to go down there but by that afternoon we were to Oklahoma city and they were able to recover the car keys and Papa's wallet so they stayed that night and came home the next day. They did not feel like going on with their trip.

The very next weekend Coco's best friend was in a car accident and broke her jaw and had to have it wired shut the rest of the summer. Now still has bands in her mouth and can't move it much.

Not a great summer.

We had a couple of romances but have now decided boys stink!!! Whew no more boys. Luckily she doesn't get really attached so no major meltdowns. I am shocked how some people raise their boys. Scott says their all Eddie Haskell's (leave it to beaver). I think he is right.

Coco started high school as a Freshman. This has been hard for me. I am not a weepy person but one day I had a whole day of sad crying meltdown day. I can just feel her pulling away and not needing Mom so much. I have to find something for me to do. I have spent all these years as driver, chaperone, nurse, bank, decision maker I don't know what to do with myself. Very hard for me. Miss my baby girl. At least all her friends like to come to our house. I have 3 right now sleeping out on the trampoline.


Debby said...

The fire experience sounded bad.
It's hard letting go. It's fun watching the person the become.

Debby said...

The fire experience sounded bad.
It's hard letting go. It's fun watching the person the become.

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