Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Traditions

Our Christmas traditions are something I look forward to all year long. I hope Coco will look back on her years growing up and be filled with happy memories at Christmas time.

1. Christmas Tree
To kick off the season we start decorating the Friday night after Thanksgiving. We order pizza and put up the trees. Sometimes they just eat the pizza LOL! The past couple of years I have done our main tree in Leopard print, gold, turquoise, and deer horns. I love it. It usually takes me the entire weekend to decorate the house, but I take my time and enjoy the memories it evokes.

2. Collection of Ornaments
Another favorite is our collected ornaments. We get one each time we travel, 1 to remember what was going on that year or what Coco was involved in. This one from the Amish when my sister and I went to Lancaster, PA that year. This year Scott got into biking and Coco started Cross Country running.

3. Wrapping
Gifts are wrapped the same or in the same theme. This year to match my leopard and turquoise tree. Next year I am already planning to add Pink. That will so much fun.

4. Christmas Lights in our Jammies
Last year we added a new tradition. Christmas jammies and lights. We wear our PJ's and drive around looking at Christmas lights and we stop for Hot Cocoa somewhere along the way. Last year we also ended up caroling for some favorite people the girls knew. With Coco being a only child we took a couple of her friends along. I like to think of them as my kids too! This year may include a boyfriend, we'll see.

5. Family Pictures for our Christmas card.
We used to wear a Christmas hat but as Coco got older that went away and we just do pictures. This year we had them done and I can't wait to see them.

6. Mamie's Christmas
Christmas Eve was always spent with Scott's Mamie so after she past away we get together with his extended family on the 20th which was her birthday. We have ornament exchanges and potluck. This is the only time of the year we some so it is good time.

7. Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is spent with Scott's parents. Before his Mammie past away Christmas Eve was always spent at her house. Now we have a family get together on the 20th (her birthday) in remembrance of her. With my in-laws we have either appetizers or sometimes a full meal. Last year they surprised us with seafood. Crab legs are our thing when we vacation in Florida together, so it was a wonderful surprise and one I hope they continue. I also lay out Coco new pjs on her bed before we leave our house.

8.The Reason for the Season
When we get home Coco puts on her new pj's and Scott will read the Christmas story from the bible. She sometimes talks us into opening 1 present. The Christmas Movie is usually playing 24 hours on tv so we watch that. We make Reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) and Coco still scatters it across the lawn. Santa comes on Christmas Eve to fill our stockings.

9. Christmas Morning
Christmas morning we have to wake up Coco to open gifts. I cook breakfast and start cooking the dishes I am taking to my Mom's for Christmas lunch. Those are usually green bean casserole for my nephew Dallas, sweet potatoes for Scott. Sometimes I will add a new dish to spice things up.

10. Going to Grandmas
Growing up we always went to Grandma's house for Christmas lunch. Now we go to Mimi's (my Mom's) on Christmas day for lunch. My sister and her family are there and sometimes we will have other extended family join us. Lunch has always the same. We love and look forward to it.  Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, broccoli salad, corn, green bean casserole, green beans, hot rolls, and pies and cakes for dessert.
We draw names at Thanksgiving, so after lunch we open gifts and hang out to visit.

This year we are adding a couple of new traditions. 1. My girl scout troop is hosting a Ugly Sweater party for their friends at my house. I will get to chaperone. 2. At my Mom's  we are adding playing games after we open gifts. First we are each bringing a gift to play dirty santa or white elephant as some might know it. I have a fun bunch so that will add lots of excitement and my sister and I are bringing games to play and leave there to play the rest of the year. She is bringing Pie Face and I am bringing Family Fued. Lots of memories to be made this year and I can't wait.

We also attend church events, work parties and friend parties throughout the season.

The most Wonderful time of the year!!!

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