Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Our girl scout troop participated in the annual Wagggs event represented Thailand.  The only photo I have is from sitting in the car afterwards playing on snapchat with the girls

Started softball season

Celebrated birthdays with April and Kaylee

Bought Colby a car
1997 Tracer  

Hosted our 2nd annual last day of school breakfast.
Spent a week in Destin Florida.

Spent a lot of time celebrating our girl turning Sweet 16!
Hardest thing ever to watch her drive away without me.

Colby participated in our towns beauty pageant.
She won JR. Miss for 2016
We surprised her with a Sweet 16 party July 1st with a chauffeur, photo shoot with friends and dinner on the square, and ended with a back yard party at our home.
She filled out her first job application
We drove her in the 4th of July parade in a convertible!
She started her first job at Dickey's BBQ

3RD annual back to school breakfast for Colby and her friends Junior year!
Chemistry class. I have to steal photos from her Instagram and snapchat!
Scott went to Colorado hunting
I tried out the biscuits and gravy dried meal and it was really good.
My sister and I went to Tulsa to the CK Scrapbook convention.

Homecoming dance with AJ
Celebrated Ethan and Scott's birthdays
Started planning building a new house in 2017
Halloween parties and dances

Thankgiving at Mom's. She fractured her tailbone so my sister and I did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving.
Cross Country Meets
Snapchat filters

Christmas celebrations!!
We all wore matching PJ's for Christmas day at Mom's!!
Jesus is the reason for the season!

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