Friday, November 5, 2010


Coco has had a Poet in her school this week teaching them about creative writing. He has been such a great inspiration to her, she has came everyday with new stories about him.

Today there was to be a contest for the 5th grade. If she won she would have received $50. She was sick this morning but determined to go to school to read her poem.

One of the prompts he gave them was "The Worst Day of Your Life"

This is the poem she wrote. I will write it just as she did misspellings and all. Please remember she is only 10 years old!

The wet substance in his eyes proved he wasn't merry
 the coffin lay there in front of him like shrimp on a plate (he is allergic)

The line to see her was exravagetly long
the expression on her face was priceless
her death was tragaty for many

A loveing mother, wife, and daughter
her spirt, ghost or soul goes into the horizon
she was offisally gone
 her loved ones cryed hard

Breast cancer awareness month was in the air
but all was not good at the hospital
doctors could not save her dearing life
 it was to late she was dead

                                         The End (of her)

This was about our friend Beth that past away last October. Her husband is really allergic to shrimp. I am very proud of her. She didn't make it to the finals. Her judges were some of her classmates and I think her poem was a little to mature for them to grasp (thats what I am telling myself anyway)! I love that she has such a compassionate heart, usually putting others first and herself last! My hope is that she never loses these traits as she sees and learns more about  the world and all the ugliness in it.



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Very good, I hope she wins!

Debby said...

She is a poet and should have won. But like you said the peeps probably didn't get the meaning. She also has compassion.

n.lea. said...

what a beautiful poem by a very insightful young mind.

I just wanted to say that I trully enjoyed reading your blog. I also have the same scripture verse quoted in my header :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day.