Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Coco and I are going to an event at our church this weekend. It is called Daughters of the King for Mama's and 5th grade girls. We will have dinner on Friday night and they have asked the girls to bring an appropriate outfit for the mall and a inappropriate outfit for the mall. They will be doing a fashion show for us and learning about modesty.

Saturday we will go back to the church for more fun and end at a local tea shop for lunch.

I have been talking to her about shopping for some church clothes and just nicer things for events that we go to. She says she just wants to wear her jeans and a hoody. LORD help me with this girl.

She never wants to dress girly.

I was talking to her about going shopping tomorrow and she told me she didn't need anything. HA

I told her she likes when she dresses up and we do her hair. She has in the past just gushed about how pretty her hair is when i curl it and it is all bouncy.

She tells me she is just doing that for me. She said I try to embrace it but it just isn't me!!!

What is a mama to do. There are times when she has to dress in something nicer than looking like a boy!

Do you have a headstrong TOMBOY girl? What do you do?

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Not all girls were meant to be diva's, enjoy this stage now, just wait till she has a boyfriend, she will change her views on clothing! lol Have fun this weekend!