Friday, July 1, 2011


We celebrated Coco's 11th  birthday today.
She picked pink and gray for her colors.
I am loving the pom poms made from tissue paper. There are super easy to make.

I have seen these banners all over blogland so I wanted to try my hand at making her one.
I love how it turned out. It is hard to see but the 1st layer of paper is really cute with black chandeliers.

 I ordered her cake from Walmart. It was supposed to be pink and grey. As you can see it was NOT.
Coco was happy with it, she thought it looked tie dyed. As long as she was happy but it drove me crazy. If we had more than 2 hours before her guest arrived I would have done something else.

I picked up Eureka pizza on the way home to so that we could make a 6:35pm movie time. Coco, A and C having pizza before we left.

I took them to see Monte Carlo. I expected the theatre to be crowded since the movie just came out today but it was only 1/2 full. Must have been due to the holiday weekend. It was a cute movie.
Once we got home they played on the trampoline with the sprinkler. Daddy helped them shoot some fireworks off. She has had a great birthday.

Looking forward to the 3 day weekend.
Everyone be safe and have a great holiday.


Rhonda said...

Love the colors she choose! Love the pom poms and did great! Happy birthday!

Kelley said...

What fun decorations! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!