Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I could be a ornament hoarder!!! I love them and my likes are continously evolving. I didn't get all our ornaments out this year, I didn't have room on the 4 trees we put up. HA
These are a few of my favorites that I put up.

From 2001 I love this truck we got at Silver Dollar City. Makes me think of those long ago Christmases.

Love this Nativity. The candle was a gift this year. It it like a lava lamp. Not my usual taste but it is pretty to look at as it changes colors. A happy lamp I will call it.

I LOVE LOVE Santa's and this one with it's red and lime colors make me smile!

My Santa hats I made last year. I still need to make another, maybe I will get to that over the long weekend.

I got this one from work this year. The old Wells Fargo Stagecoach, so happy to have it in my collection now.

A Christmas Story ornament makes me happy too

I used several of these pillows I found on after Christmas clearance as fillers in the tree.

Noah's Ark from The Sights and Sounds Theatre in Branson from 2010.

These are just a few, we would be here all day if I were to show them all. I am sad that I don't have any ornament exchanges this year.  That was one of my favorite things at Christmas time. Maybe next year I will have more time to host one.

I am off to finally put ribbons on my packages,, they look really sad wrapped with no bows. I woke up with a killer migraine this morning and have spent most of the day in bed with my eye mask on. Grateful that I can see light and not cower like someone that has never seen light. That is the worst part of a migraine for me is the sensitivity to light and sound. Makes it impossible to function. Praying for a better day tomorrow.



Kelley said...

I think something is going around with really bad head aches attached. My daughter and I had awful headaches last weekend.

Carrie said...

I love these the Santa is my favorite

superdry joggers said...
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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

All are too cute and yes addicting!