Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I really have nothing to blog about. I have been working late everyday, going into the office on the weekends or bringing it home with me. Which leaves very little time for anything else.

Thank God I have the most amazing husband who picks up the slack and doesn't complain. He has taken over the dinner making and helping keep up the housework. I am hoping it is starting to level out so that I don't have to put in so many hours.

We are in the throes of Girl Scout Cookie sales, Thinking Day activities and this is the 100th year birthday of Girl Scouts. Lots of projects to plan and do. I have spent tonight researching the country of Denmark for Thinking Day. We will have a booth about Denmark for Thinking Day. Our service unit has joined with another city to have the event together. We will have 37 countries represented and expect to have an estimated 400 girls that evening. Each troop that signs up for a country has a booth with info on Girl Scouts from that country, a craft or food to hand out to all 400 girls plus a Girl Scout Swap to give. I have contacted a few bloggers I found from Denmark to help us get information. I found a recipe for a cookie that sounds really good called Pepper nuts that I hope to make a batch of this weekend to see if it will be cost effective to make 400 of. I will be having the girls do this the week before the event. I have also been trying to find 400 Lego pieces to make the SWAPS since Lego's originated from Denmark.
If you have any you want to get rid of I will gladly take them. If you have any information about Denmark please share!!

I did get to spend Saturday with my sister, Mom and Aunt. We met at my Aunt Donna's and I wish I had taken photos. She just bought a new home and it was my first time to see it. It was gorgeous. She made us a delicious lunch of chicken salad, fruit and Poppy seed dressing. The dressing was just as good as our local tea room. She even sent us home with some.... Love to drizzle it on the tropical mix canned fruit.

I am headed to bed to try to catch up on some rest. I was up and down all night last night, spent today exhausted and yawning .


Debby said...

I hope things slow down for you soon. I also hope you are getting plenty of rest.
I have a couple granddaughters that are girl scouts.....well one is a daisy. Bring on the cookies. My husband asked me why I signed up for 10 boxes when I can't eat any because of my celiac. Because I love those girls.


Hi Pam!

Have sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to helping you with your project! :)

Diane, Denmark