Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I haven't blogged about Abbi Lane since we got her last year.
She has brought so much joy and pain to our home. She is still not completely potty trained which is so hard...
She is known by so many different names too, Abbi, Abigail Breslin, Abstract, Abstractinator, Abbs, Abigail, puffalumps, sissie, Abinator

This photo is from November 2011
This was taken September 2012.
This is the sweetest thing. She needs a haircut and I am ashamed to take her back to her regular girl. She got pancreatitis a while ago and was really sick for while so we have gotten off track with the groomer. I think I will take her somewhere just to get her cleaned up before getting her back on schedule.
I love her little under bite.

How could anyone not love this face? It is impossible
She was Coco's Christmas present but Scott has already told Coco that we will keep her when she goes off to college and when she gets out of college we will get her a new dog because this one isn't leaving us!!
Hahahahah Yep we love her!!

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Debby said...

Glad she is better. She is adorable. My 8 year old Yorkie isn't and probably won't ever be trained. She goes outside, goes inside on a pad and also on the carpet. It is flustrating but she is cute and we love her.