Monday, October 8, 2012


Whats going on right now:
1 I am still getting over a severe case of bronchitis
2 Must be having a Lupus episode because I can't seem to get enough sleep this week.
3. Scott is in the throes of deer hunting
4. He bought a new muzzeloader and scope
5. He felt bad so he bought me a new laptop  woo hoo
6. there is a lot of craziness with a tween girl
7. especially one with a little boyfriend
8. working on getting Coco into piano lessons
9. Still working lots of hours at work
10 Still loving my job. Lots of perks that make the long hours worth it
11. Watching Survivor but not as exciting as I had hoped
12. Just finished reading Diary of Anne Frank throughly enjoyed it
13. Girl Scouts is just getting started. Excited for our year
14. Going to see Toby Mac on Friday
15. Football season, our HOGS are not doing so well but I am still a
      a fan through thick or thin.
16. Scott and Coco have been going to all our school ball games. I
      usually don't get home in time to go with them
17. Starting to feel the pressures of Holiday time.
18. Loving this cooler weather.
19. My in-laws just reserved our house in Destin for next June.
20. I have about 8 months to lose about 80 pounds. How I do not
     know but that is just 10 per month I can do it I can do it

That is what is going on in my life!!!
Feeling like I need to get a life, we haven't really done anything really fun and exciting in a while!!!

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Kelley said...

I love your list! Hope things will slow down a bit for you. I know how it is. We meet ourselves coming and going.