Saturday, November 10, 2012


I see all these posts on babies and toddlers where Mom's post about their growth. I do a scrapbook page each year for Colby so I thought I would do one here to help me remember.
I find a lot of these photos on my phone.
Most popular thing to do at her age. Lots of them include the tongue hanging out or lips puckered up.
I have no idea where this trend came from but I wish it would be over soon.

Some days she will surprise me with her spontaneity. Some days she is going to die of embarrassment because I looked at someone. Maybe I do car dance just to rile her up.

Unusual day when she wanted to do a photo shoot on our square.
She is growing up so fast

First day of 7th grade. Wow I am amazed at the changes this year has brought.
Boyfriends, drama, smarty mouth, independence, opinions, struggles, etc.
She had her first "real" boyfriend for a couple of months this year already.
That was a struggle for her Father and I as to how to handle her holding hands with a boy at football games and seeing texts and hearing I LOVE YOU'S. Which cracks me up but I remember those days when you loved everyboy that even looked at you.

With all the drama I am very proud of her and the way she has handled some of the issues that have come her way. So many changes and emotions.
We are very close and I love the nights she comes home from the ball game and wants to tell me all about what happened. She will call me after school to tell me things.
I pray that she continues to make good choices and we continue to have a close relationship so that she always comes to me with questions and concerns.
Love this girl!!!

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Kelley said...

7h grade! Wow Pam. She is really growing up. What a sweet girl you have! I love that she talks to you. So important!