Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I have let my little blog go to the dump. I have been super duper busy. Coco is now on a travel softball team so we spend lots of time at the ball fields. Tonite was a 3 hour practice with another on Thursday. Getting ready for our last (I hope) tournament this weekend and it is local. Yee haw I love watching her play and she has really upped her game this year but this Momma is TIRED!!!

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. Same line of work but in management. Luckily the person I am replacing is staying on a couple of months to train me and make it a smooth transition. I will admit it has been different. I am used to being super busy 8-10 hours each day and these past few weeks have been really long 8 hours. I know that will change when it is just me doing the job. Grateful for the position though.

We spent today saying goodbye to a good friend. A man that was like a 2nd father to Scott passed away and the services were today. It was a beautiful service but different than what I have been to before. The wife spoke and said such loving words about their life together. Several other people spoke about how he had touched their lives. He will be greatly missed but definitely left a legacy.

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Kelley said...

You sound like us! We are crazy busy with soccer. Glad you got back on here so we know how you're doing.