Sunday, November 24, 2013


The crazy Arkansas weather has begun. Nasty winter storm moving in tonight. Hoping I can make it in to work.
It has been a long time since I last posted. I am loving Instagram and that is where I have been posting. You can find me at mrspamcreech
We took some Fall photos recently. We missed the really pretty colors by one day. The day we went out to do them it was really overcast and to dark at 3pm.

My silly girl and her facial expressions. Can't get her to just smile at me for nothing....

My MCM - Have you seen the MCM or WCW from your teens? Man crush Monday or Women crush Wednesday. I think there is now Too Cute Tuesday and Throw back Thursday.

Halloween dance 2013. They went as twins of something or other.
Beautiful in their masks. Mine thought sharpie tattoos were needed.

This is where we have spent much of the past few months. Coco is playing competitive softball. This was the Halloween tournament and they dressed in camo. She is really growing as a player. Looking into some pitching for this spring. I have always been opposed just because the girls swing is so pronounced. I worry about her shoulder getting overworked and hurt. They tell me I am silly, we shall see. If it is her talent then so be it. I will support

Our Girl Scouts held a food drive a couple of weeks ago. Trying to find time for this has been hard this year. Everyone has a different schedule and I started a new job, blah blah blah.
I will be doing a FIRST this Thanksgiving. I am in charge of the Turkey. This is our year to go to Scott's parents and Scott got a Turkey through his job.. His Mother told him we could just bring the turkey. WHAT!!!! Does she know I have never cooked a bird? I have never touched something so cold and naked!!!
Gives me the hebbie Jebbies but we will get it done. I joked with my Mom about me wrestling it around my kitchen trying to get it in a pan without touching it. Then I watch Pioneer Woman and she does all this fancy brineing, so now I want to do it up right. I may just be a bystander telling Scottie what to do. I even have to buy a roasting pan. I feel like I have been pushed out into the world and have to grow up now. I have been spoiled and just started taking side dishes to Mom's a few years ago.
Time to stop thinking about that or I will never get to sleep. Looking forward to another short week.

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