Thursday, January 16, 2014

What a week it has been. I started feeling kind of weird at work on Tuesday, I decided to come home early thinking if I got some extra rest I would feel better on Wednesday.

Ummm no that didn't happen. I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday attached to the bathroom thinking I was going to croak!! I went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon and got a diagnosis of Stomach Flu. I had a busy work week scheduled and had been worrying about getting sick knowing I had some major things to do. I guess this is God's way of telling me those things weren't so major after all.
The doc told me to expect 5-7 days of this and several of my friends on FB are saying she is right and they are still weak going into week #2.

I had also hoped the rest of the family wouldn't get it but lo and behold I got the dreaded call from school to come get Coco. Headache, nausea and fever.... 2 down in our house now. Scott will be so excited.

I think it is nap time again. Say a prayer for us if you think of it today.

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