Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lately

Homecoming 2016 was this past Saturday. Coco invited a good friend of hers at the last minute. He is the sweetest guy. The group met up at our house and drove over to the Orchard to take pictures along with 3 other cities nearby.
My camera skills are lacking or my camera needs adjusted. So many of my photos were blurry. She was making it fun.

Typical teenagers on their phones. Surprised they are actually talking and not texting :)

AJ Coco Sam Shelby Brittany Trevor
Just friends but they look so darn cute together!!!!

These 2 are softball teammates when we were on traveling team and now on high school team together. They clean up good from those dirty stinky softball days.

Shelby and Coco have been known each other since elementary school and girl scouts

They wanted a tough girl look ha
Trevor the usual goofball :)

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