Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Today is Show and Tell Tuesday over at Momfessionals. It is Nicknames, Quirks and what makes me me!

My Daddy is the only one to ever give me a nickname and it was Punkerdunk and my sister still sometimes calls me Punk.

I have lots of quirks. I'm just weird LOL That's ok I like weird!

I have to turn paper napkins inside out. I think no one has touched the inside of the napkin.

I put mayo in my ketchup when eating fries from Chick fil A. I could eat Chick Fil A for breakfast Lunch and Dinner! I probably have a couple of times.

I will pick where to eat based on whether they have Coke or Pepsi, must have Coke.

Socks! I can't breathe with socks on in bed. No socks and I have to have 1 leg out from under the covers.

I don't touch raw meat. I use tongs and scissors to cut chicken up or trim all the fat off. I use Ziploc bags on my hands to mix up a meatloaf.

I plan in my head the route I am going to take and always think about how to get to the closest stop light.

I can't handle anyone talking with food in their mouth or double dipping... Just NO

I hate feet (except for Colby's) I was a grown adult before I felt comfortable enough to show my feet in sandals. I don't want ANYONE touching me with their feet. Lots of fights growing up sleeping with my sister!

I don't make my bed everyday but it has to be made before I go to bed. If Scott goes before me and doesn't make it, drives me crazy and I don't sleep well.

When drying my hands at work or out I need 3 paper towels every single time!!

I like my space, I get anxious when someone (not my family) gets really close to me, like airplane seats, someone standing close at work to look at same screen, etc.

Enough of my weirdness. Check out other Show & Tell here  Show & Tell Tuesday

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