Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas Eve is always spent with Mamie, Scott's grandmother.
Doesn't she look beautiful in the photo below!
She turned 95 on the 20th of December

We had each family take pictures with her this year.
Ours below

This is Coco before going to the party with Mamie.

After we got home she talked us into opening one present.
She got WII Resort and she & Scott haven't' done anything but play this for the past 3 days


It is a tradition that I cook breakfast on Christmas morning. Scott asked for french toast this year. It was very good and we used our Christmas dishes.
Northwest Arkansas had the first white Christmas in years.
Since the roads were nasty we voted to stay home and go to my Mothers on Saturday.
This enabled Coco to play in the snow. One of her gifts from us was snow bibs and I am so glad it snowed so she could use them.
I ventured out to take photos of her but she kept pelting me with snowballs.
Ornery little devil!

We had a wonderful Christmas and are so very blessed!
Blessings to you all


Rhonda said...

Wow, your grandma is so pretty. My only grandparent left, my grandma turned 97 this year. I love her flower in the cool chick.

Coco looks so pretty. I love her Christmas outfit.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Very nice, your tree is just adorable and I love your china, what pattern is it?

Mountain Mama said...

Mamie is so cute. What a precious lady!

The Graves Gang said...

Your daughters dress is adorable and I love,love,love the wrapping paper!