Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We started our new tradition of reading 25 books to Christmas tonight. I am surprised we remembered. Today was kind of hectic.

This is the book we read. It will not be my favorite but it does have a teachable theme about it.

Coco and I got our seasonal flu shots at the flu clinic at school today. I volunteered for a couple of hours and I was able to be there when she came through so I went first. Not bad at all. I know there are lots of opinions out there but we chose not to have the H1N1 vaccine. I just don't trust it. Call me crazy but that's the way it is.
We got a wonderful surprise on Saturday. We had some friends come into town from St.Louis. Unfortunately they were here for a funeral but we did get to spend some time with them on Saturday and then we all had lunch before they left on Sunday. Here is a photo of Coco and Stephanie chowing down on some Chinese food.

Stephanie's mom Darleen is battling a recurrence of cancer so please put her on your prayer list. She has such a positive outlook and is very confident that she is going to beat this. She told me this weekend she has been overwhelmed at the amount of people that tell her they are praying for her, she feels these prayers and is comforted by this. She has a strong faith in God, I am proud to call her friend.
I didn't get any comments on the blog about the Challenge. I left mine at work so I don't know what # I am at. Let me know if you find them all.

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Rhonda said...

My boys are so excited about the countdown with books! They loved it! I really want to buy the best stories out there though. This year with the library, just getting what we can get. Caden has a Barnes and Noble gift card to spend. Maybe he will chose a Christmas book.

The Challenge are you suppose to keep doing it? I only got 9. I did it twice, one right after the other. Michael found 12.