Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was spent at the Arkansas Air Museum in Fayetteville with the Girl Scouts. Our local council set up a tour for the Junior Girl troops. We toured the Air Museum and the Ozark Military Museum. We had great tour guides at both places. We ate lunch outside while we watched a gilzillion planes come in for the Razorback game. I couldn't imagine that many people flew into Fayetteville to watch the games. We even got to see Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys plane land and the Goodyear blimp take off to go to the game.

On to our tour.

 This the shell of one of the old planes. Planes are made with lots of rectangles and triangles which gives the strength. The wings on this one is actually made of wood.

Lear Jet. Really cool, used by Bobby Younkin for air shows.

A bi plane, was used for teaching pilots how to fly. One cool thing we learned is that these planes were covered in really heavy duty fabric, not metal or aluminum. I would never have thought that! So cool.

This is Sam Walton's first plane that he flew himself. He would fly really low over his stores so he could count how many cars were in the parking lot. The tour guide said he scared alot of people because he was flying so low.

Coco and M in the lear jet. They loved this.

Miss Pam in the Lear Jet. As a GS Leader you gotta do what they do.

This was a ambulance from the 40's that was in the Ozark Military Museum at Drake Field.

All this stuff is what a soldier had to carry on himself during WWII. Can you imagine.

Lunch outside on the runway. While we were eating a larger plane that would probably carry 15- 20 people came in. Y'all 2 people got out of that plane and 2 pilots. They walked over to our area to ask the curator if they could go thru the museum to meet their friends because it was a long walk to the terminal. The woman was wearing like 6 inch heels with diamonds glaring to go to a football game. We found out that they were attorney's from Dallas. My Daddy would have said "More money than sense". The high heels cracked us up because we were thinking if she couldn't walk to the terminal then how was she going to walk all the way into the stadium because no matter where you get to park there is going to be a walk and most likely uphill.

The Blimp leaving. We got quite a lesson on how that works too. It has to be tethered to a pole while on the ground and it takes 3 guys on each side to hold it down until it is ready to go. Takes a village to work that contraption.

Our troop
Only 4 of our girls got to go since several cheer for football games on Saturday. We missed them but will be bringing some fun crafts that we got to do to the troop meetings soon.
I can't believe I have lived here all my life and this is the first time I went to this. I would totally recommend taking your kiddos if your local. We had a fabulous time and 2 of my girls now say they want to be pilots. Wouldn't that be awesome if they did and could look back on today as their inspiration.
Yep that is why I love Girl Scouts.

Coming soon more Cocoisms. We had a really fun day just hanging out together.

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