Sunday, September 19, 2010


My nephew had a birthday on Saturday. He turned the big 25! His bike number was representing well last night. He races motorcross. He asked us all to come to the race track for his birthday so we drove to Dora, Oklahoma to support him and be with him on his birthday.

His bike he won in a race this year. The number worked well for his 25th birthday

Getting geared up for his 1st race.

Don't you just love his polka dots! I asked him why he didn't get hot pink polka dots, he didn't really have an answer! It sure made it easier to pick him out from the other racers. The other guy is his friend Randy. I got mad at him in the first race because Dallas was in 1st place until Randy plowed into him and he was cut back to 4th place. His rear wheel ended up with a broken spoke. I got over it by the 2nd race, Dallas was able to cut Randy off on a turn and Dallas ended up winning 1st place for the night. YEA GO DALLAS

This is what the call a table top jump. a flat longer grade. I didn't have my Canon so these were shot with my little point and shoot.

This was on the first race when Randy was in the lead.

It was a lot of fun watching them. There were 4 wheeler races, pee wee, and then different classes for the older groups. I loved watching the little ones on these teeny tiny bikes. They were giving it all they had. Unfortunetly we got ATE up by mosquitos, they were horrible. We all put on bug spray but I think that just made them mad! We had a long ride home and didn't get home until 12:30am after the 2 hour drive up 540 watching for the deer to pop out.
We had a great time!!
I remember 25 years ago very clearly. It was the first time I had seen a real newborn baby right after birth. I remember telling my Momma that we should see if the doctor would put him back. In my defense I was only 17 years old and he had been in the birth canal for 4 days while my sister labored. I used to be the "COOL" Aunt but that changed as I had my own child and his wants became more outlandish than just getting highlights in his hair. We spent many a New Years Eve's together when I was single.  I taught him how to tie his shoes and blow bubbles with his gum. He will always be my boy and I will always be his "Pam". He would argue with people at 2 years old that I was "HIS PAM"!
Great memories!

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