Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Why are some people just MEAN spirited?

I have had a HORRIBLE day!

I was asked to train someone at work and this person apparently does not want to be trained. At least by me. Everything I would say she knew how to do or she would answer questions with one word answers. I tried to ask questions to get to know her but it was like pulling teeth. This was all while she sat across my desk with her arms crossed over her chest. You know that sign language!!!!

I have been at this job for 12 weeks and this person has never spoken to me. I have said good morning, Hi, How are you? etc several times and she just ignores me. We have never met before so how can she dislike me? She doesn't even know me!!!

BUT SHE DOESN'T LIKE ME AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!! Well, I know why as of today but that doesn't excuse the past 11 weeks. Seriously she has been rude since the 1st day I walked in to the bank. She is being demoted and I am taking her position so I can understand her frustrations but I didn't make the decision. Like I said that is not the reason she has been so rude since the day I walked in!

I do not care if she likes me but I am flabbergasted as to why. I have been told she is just like this.

How sad is that!!! I have my days when I let my attitude get the better of me but even then I STILL USE MY MANNERS!  What is really sad is that there are several people I work with that have a sour attitude. This makes for a very long day sometimes and today was one of them.

I get home and Coco had a bad day too. She was last on the batting order. Poor thing is just starting to see the unfairness of life. This situation is not necessarily unfair but it was to her. She has also been dealing with a girl at school that most of time acts like her best friend but then she will do silly little things to hurt Coco's feelings. Like the other day she made a list of her BEST FRIENDS, she put Coco at the bottom. But then she calls her to invite her to come spend the night. I don't know how involved I should get so I just try to down play it and encourage Coco to take the high road. I really wish she didn't have to go through these times but it is what it is.

I did tell her tonight that we both needed a good nights sleep so that if tomorrow was a repeat of today then at least we would be well rested and better able to deal with those people!! So I am hitting the bed early!

Goodnight all and say a prayer for me that tomorrow will be a better day! I'll have my big girl pants on!!!!



Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

Oh Pam - I am sorry. That woman sounds like a very unhappy person. It would be so terrible to go through life like that. If she was nicer and ha a good attitude she probably would do much better in her job but she must not realize that.

You are so nice - I can't imagine why anyone would be rude to you. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


Rhonda said...

I hope you both have a better day tomorrow! Maybe God is using you in her life in some way. Love her anyway...let God take care of the rest...I know it's not always easy!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

So sorry, but it's not your fault! Hugs!!