Sunday, December 26, 2010


Coco and I had the hardest time going to sleep on Christmas Eve. We finally went to sleep about 1am and then she woke up her Daddy before 4am and they tried to get me up. I was having none of that. I woke up at 6:30 and woke her up.

We decided that we would only get her 3 gifts to open in reference to the 3 gifts that Jesus received. Well as a Momma I had the hardest time with that. SO I found a huge stocking for some some small things and clothes.

Her big gift was a trampoline. It was to big and heavy to bring into the house so I cut out a picture from the sale ad and put it into a jewelry box. She was a little confused but over the moon when she realized what it meant.

Daddy opening his most precious gift. A coupon book handmade by Coco with lots of foot rubs and dog feedings.

Us at Mom's for lunch. We had a wonderful time with my side of the family. Lots of good ole traditional Christmas dinner foods.

My nephew Dallas and his children Kaylee and Ethan. My most favorite little people in the world.

Coco opening her blanket of Jacob from Aunt Tammy. This was the biggest hit. She made sure to sleep with it last night.

Mimi was very happy with the tie blanket Coco made for her and Pa. 

We will be celebrating Christmas with Scotts family sometime this week. I love it when we get to spread it out so that we can enjoy it a little longer.

Feeling very blessed today.

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