Friday, December 3, 2010

DAY 14

Boy I will tell you, I sure didn't think this bathroom was going to take over 2 weeks to complete.
I was so excited when I came home today.
There is tile on the walls and floors. PTL

Don't worry I am not having red paint around my tub. LOL
This is a water proofing thing he painted on before the tile.
He left the bottom so that the top could dry and wouldn't slip down .
The guy that is doing our tile has been doing it for 40+ years, he might be a little slower but when he is done it will be wonderful.

the floor in the process. I am loving the tile I picked out.

Today we had our office Christmas lunch. We played White Elephant and look what I came home with!

Won't that come in handy cleaning my new tile (and my old)...
So happy with it.

Tomorrow begins our Basketball season. For the next 10-12 weeks our Saturdays will be spent in a gym somewhere watching Coco play ball. She made the A team.
It amazes me her love for sports. I was not a sporty kind of girl but I am glad that she is. I will spend every weekend doing this so that she can play as long as she gives it 100% and she always does. I truly believe that team sports teaches children so many things. Especially with her being an only child.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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