Sunday, January 23, 2011


Another Saturday at the gym watching Coco play basketball.

A special guest this week. My nephew E got to come watch her play. He asked her at lunch why she didn't get that ball in the goal? Innocence is wonderful.

Our girls will FIGHT for it!

Her own little cheering section. Aunt Tammy, Uncle Michael, Mimi, Nana, Papa, Cousins Jake, Kaylee and E.

Saturday night we were with family celebrating 3 birthdays for my Aunt and 2 uncles. These are my Mothers brothers and sisters. Sadly we have lost 2 of her brothers in recent years. I don't see them often so it was good to see everyone. I got a couple of OMG's when I walked in. Maybe I should come around more often.

My first attempt at making a magazine bowl. The inside looks much better than the outside. I have been working on my Girl Scout calendar for the rest of the year and we will be doing a lot of things regarding recycling and reuseing. I have found some great crafts that we will be trying in our meetings. Lots of fun coming up!

Another great weekend has past.
I wish you all a great week ahead.
Be back soon

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