Monday, January 24, 2011


I just got off the phone with the sweetest lady. Her name is Willie and she tutored(sp?) Scott when he was in school and they have always kept in touch.
She is now in her 80's living in Tulsa. She is such a neat lady. She went back to college at 40 to get her teaching degree and then taught for the next 20+ years. She hosted a wedding shower for us and was there at Coco's birth, bringing us meals. I just love her.

We hadn't talked to her in awhile so she got worried when she couldn't reach us so she called Scott's parents to check on us this weekend. She and Scott have played phone tag the past couple of days. She called tonight and told me she was worried that we had been raptured and she was left behind. So FUNNY!

She volunteers alot and she is now volunteering at a Assisted Living Home on Mondays  answering the phone. Can you imagine? She had just come from taking her recycling out. She's totally up to date with this Going Green stuff. She stays up until one or two in the morning and then sleeps until 10 or 11. I told her she is like a teenager. She told me she prays for us. She prays A to Z when she goes to bed. Whoever she can think of with each initial she prays for. I told that is why she is staying up so late... LOL

Her call just made my day. Shame on us for not calling her more often!

Feeling very blessed to have her in our lives!

Wish she was still living in our area so we could be with her often. She is a very special lady!!!

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