Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have had a wonderful weekend and hate to see it end. We were pretty busy all weekend but it was nice.
When I got home on Friday Scott and Coco wanted to go into town to eat. We thought we were getting a headstart on the crowds but we were wrong. Scott wanted a steak but everywhere we went the wait was like 45 minutes so we ended up at Napolis. This was our first time there and it was very good. For you locals it tasted a lot like tontitown spaghetti/pasta. Very good.

Our Saturdays have been spent here

Basketball games. This week we played Westfork and beat them 14-9. Our first win of the season. They might not be winning every game but they are learning and playing hard. Love to watch my girl! 

After the game I had a Girl Scout planning meeting but I had to go here first.

My car was so nasty from the recent snow. I couldn't tell you the last time I went thru the carwash but it had been awhile. I had this planned all week because it was so warm on Saturday. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I washed my car in the winter and the next day I couldn't get in because the doors were frozen shut.

Sunday has been great. We went to church and listened to a great sermon. We got out early today so we did beat the crowds and Scott got to have his steak. Coco and I shared some cheese fries and then we weren't hungry for our meal. (imagine Scott frowning at us). We brought it home and ate it for dinner.
I took a quick nap when we got home.
Coco had basketball pictures at 3pm and then she and Scott went out to sell Girl Scout cookies in the neighborhood.

A great weekend!
Wishing I had tomorrow off for MLK day, but my bank doesn't give all those federal holidays.:(
Glad to have a job though!


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Kelley said...

Congrats on the win! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend!