Sunday, August 12, 2012


Here in Arkansas we love our Hogs!
This weekend my sister and I painted a Razorback on burlap for our front door.
This will hang on my front door during the football season or at least until we get into Fall and I make a new Fall wreath.

I have spotted these selling for $45 around the craft fairs.
I have no idea what it cost me but it was much less than that.

Photo 1 - Luckily my MIL had drawn a stencil for the outline of the Hog.
First thing we did = cut out burlap big enough for some over lap.
2nd = brushed both pieces (cut front and back) with starch.
3rd = trace the hog onto the burlap
4th = paint the red. I mixed a couple different red acrylic paints that I already had.

I had printed out several images from the web to look at while we painted.
We also had one that my MIL had made to look at.

Last part = hot glue both sides together leaving a opening to stuff plastic walmart/dollar general bags into it to fluff it up. once you have it as full as you want hot glue the opening closed.

I took wire and pushed it through from the back side and then wrapped some of it around a pencil to keep it from coming back through the burlap when you hang it up on the door.

I added several different ribbons and tulle to the wire hanger to dress it up.

This was my first attempt. I call it Little Hog and i have it hanging in my office at work.

I plan to make some smaller ones to give out at Christmas as ornaments.

Scott has already requested I make a few of the door hangers for friends of ours for Christmas too.

I am glad I have gotten back my crafting bug!!!

I have a chair make over I will show later in the week. It turned out so cute and was super simple to do.

Later Gator!!!

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Kelley said...

That's great Pam! I love it!