Saturday, August 4, 2012

Room for more

I have noticed these boards all over blogs and Pinterest.
I took a day of vacation this week for some R&R this is what I call relaxation.

I bought a large bulletin board, linen type fabric, batting, and knobs at Hobby Lobby. I cut the batting to fit inside the frame and used some fabric glue to hold it down. I then covered it with the linen and stapled to the backside. I placed upholstery tacks every 2 inches around the board. I couldn't use the drill to make holes because it kept pulling the fabric, so I used a large nail to make the pilot hole and then pushed and turned the screws on the knobs then tighten with nuts on the back side. The fleur and love hangers I used screws and nuts that fit the holes. Scott will have to cutoff the longer ones that stick out on the back so that it will hang flush against the wall.

I love it and now I can see all my chunky necklaces and actually wear them more often.

My next project a Burlap Razorback.
I will post if it works out.

Are you dying in this heat?
I am soooooo ready for fall and cooler weather!!

Later Gator


Kelley said...

Pam, I love it! Such a great job! The colors are perfect.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo said...

That's very neat, I love DIY! It is a great idea.