Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I took the leap today.
I joined Weight Watchers
I am really excited about it this time.
I am not ready to disclose my actual weight just yet
Their scales and my scales are .5 Ibs off.
Mine is actually .5 higher
anyhoo since last week
I have lost 2.5 lbs that is fully dressed with shoes
I weighed once this week and it was down
4.5 unclothed.
I am going to use the 2.5 loss since I will be weighing
in each week fully clothed with shoes
I pray I can do this or more each and every week.
My goals are to be healthy and active.
we are also going back to
Destin this summer
and that gives me a
little more incentive.
I want to feel and look good
this year. One of my goals is
to be able to paddle surf while
we are there. it looks so fun
and I don't want to sink !!!
That mental picture just made me
laugh out loud!!
I am in it to win it!!!!
Say a pray for me if you think of it!!


Kelley said...

That's great Pam! I am doing something similar. I just want to feel better. I go by how my clothes fit. The scale is scary. I think mine must be off about 60 pounds. Lol

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Way to go!!!! Like so many, I want to be healthier and I was doing so good at walking a mile a day, felt and slept better than it got too cold to come spring, I'll be hitting the pavement again!!

Anonymous said...

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