Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have seen many posts about these ornament wreaths. I took myself to Walmart and bought a 50 pack of shatterproof ornaments and waaaa lah
i have a new wreath.

Now where am I going to hang it???? Maybe every door in the house will be decked out! Super easy just take a wire clothes hanger, bend it into a circle shape, unwind at the top ( i put on oven mits to bend and shape), thread your ornaments and wind it back together (might need hubby for this step), tie a pretty ribbon at the top and you have yourself a Merry little wreath!
Cost for this $15.00 for the box of 50 ornaments!


Rhonda said...

Beautiful wreath! Love it!

Carrie said...

your turned out so cute! There are so easy too!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Does it really take all 50? Doesn't look like it would?

4shepherds said...

That is too cute!! Can I just send you $15.00 and a wreath already made will appear!!LOL

Anonymous said...

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